TE stick spare parts

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone know if Mad Catz sell spare parts of their sticks.

I ask because I will soon have two different designs for my TE stick and I would like another Red bezzal that I can colour to green. I am gonna ring them on monday but I thought in the meantime somebody might know on here…


I’m interested for the exact same reason. Let me in on your findings, sir.

That is interesting, be sure to let us know on that!

I called Madcatz about 4 days ago and asked this exact question to which they responded : " We have no plans to sell parts at this time". They also responded to an e-mail I had ent before that. Here’s the response:

Greetings from Mad Catz,

At this time we do not have spare parts that are designated for repair
separate purchase by our customers. In the future it may become
available but at this time there has not been any indication that we
will begin to make them available for post warranty repairs.

Ah thats a shame. Kinda makes sense though considering they have only just caught up with making the whole sticks. I think maybe once the whole fuss of these sticks calms down I think maybe MC will start selling off parts. After all, the sticks where made to be mod friendly.

Well its either wait or pay150 for a red bezel. LOL

I will keep searching for maybe 3rd parties that would be interested in making them.

Will keep you guys posted on what I find…


It’d be nice if they made pcbs available as well. US customers only get the 90 days and then we’re on our own. How is it that the UK customers get a year or is it two years? Is it a business thing where the number of sticks in the UK<the number in the US therefore is financially easier to offer the extended warranty to customers?

Yeah we get a long warrenty period. I think it could be down to UK laws that thought mate.

Kinda sucks for you guys though as like you said, 90 days and your on your own and with them not selling parts you could have a broken stick after them 90 days.

Hmm…so it’s come down to legislature has it? Congress is slackin’. I may have to call my state senator about this, heh.

But yeah, it sucks if something goes out. I mean the case and all is nice, and I could always padhack and put that pcb in there. Having parts readily available for sale makes the latter un-necessary and gives MC the opportunity to sell a new product. I can’t really see items like the ones we’re discussing being sold in a b&m joint, but selling them online isn’t totally unreasonable.

Maybe someone from this forum can fabricate one and then start selling them :smiley:

Someone’s done the plexi, someone’s done the metal plate… surely someone will evetuanlly do the bezel

Really noob question… What’s a bezel? Is it that red “ring” that surrounds the artwork on the TE?

whose done the metal plate?


vocalninja and hbreakz/khmerdroopy do Custom Metal Panels.
So that means you can change Button Layout.
Cool stuff.

Makes custom HRAP Panels.
I don’t think vocalninja is doing any right now.
Taking break.

hbreakz/khmerdroopy currently making and selling.
HRAP, TE, SE, what have you.
Very good work.

yeah I thought about this, but for the more crucial components such as the PCB. Everything else I can replace easily but most likely not that PCB since it’s super small.

In case of this catastrophic event where my PCB dies, what would the more experience users here do? Rip another PCB out of a madcatz 360 controller?

I think that for the most part, the ‘guts’ of the MC sticks can be replaced mainly by modding the stick. 360 and PS3 pads and so on

Its the cosmetic parts that I think quite a few people would be interested in, bezel, case etc…

Here’s hoping that someone from MC takes note of this in the near distant future…