TE stick staying on when system shuts off, buttons not working

What is this? My Rd 2 is barely a month old. :frowning: I’m just going to send out for a replacement i guess. Unless there’s something i can do?

RT, Start, and all my turbos randomly stopped working. I think it’s, because i was playing Sagat. >,>

It’s all over the threads. . . . . . . . . . . .

You have a busted pcb. For me personally, out of 3 pcbs for the TE’s, 100% of them were all busted. I had to use my own 360 controller pcb to alleviate the issue. Someone in the other thread stated that grounding the top and bottom plates seems to have fixed his so far, but I call shenanigans on it. Worth a try though I suppose.


Check that thread out.