TE stick to work for all Systems

I have 4 TE Sticks and I want to mod my one of my Xbox 360 TE Sticks (or have someone do it for me) to work for the following Systems: DC,PS-1,2&3,Original Xbox,Wii & Game Cube.

My Question is what kind of Board will I need to order and if anybody on SRK can make it happen all in less than a week which includes shipping?

(P.S. NO jacked up A** Price’s for Labor)

(P.S.S- Already used the search nothing came up. Also READ my SIG before you try and jump down my throat about being an 09ner.) Ben on SRK a long time:coffee:

The Multi Console Cthulhu board. Unfortunately there is no DC support though and the only Wii support is through the GC port’s on the console


It is recommended for PS1/PS2/GC/Xbox 1 support that you solder an ethernet jack to the board and then splice the wires from each respective console to an ethernet cord so it’s removable and you don’t have 5 or 6 wires coming out of the arcade stick

I think I hear the call of the Cthulu

Get a Cthulu and a PS2 to Dreamcast adapter. I know an adapter probably isn’t your ideal situation, but there’s no multiconsole boards that have DC support.

Or you could be like me and get 360+PS2 sticks and carry 10 different PS2 adapters with you. Hardcore baby. You can get PS2 to Xbox adapters on eBay for less than 5 dollars, PS2 > Gamecube for 10 off Playasia, PS2 to Dreamcast is a bit pricier maybe 20 on Playasia, and I got a decent PS2 to PS3 adapter for 5 dollars on eBay.

Are you going to be putting the board in yourself or are you trying to get someone to do it for you?

Two mods you could do.
You need a db-25 port and a project box for all of those sytems. One being a RJ-45 modded MC cthulhu, a 360 and DC pcb. See the "Show us your project boxes thread "

You might be able to get most of those working with a UPCB, but will need to triple mod the xbox 360 and DC. A UPCB is also rare, expensive and hard to find.

Either route is tedious mod. maybe like 10-30 hours of labor. I doubt anybody can do it in less than a week. Well you shouldn’t ask to rush it if you want it done right.

If your budget is less than $200-300 for parts and labor that the price for labor is jacked up for the anyone who doesn’t value their time. I hope you don’t want to pay somebody less than minimum wage for all that trouble.