TE stick unresponsive

i have a round one TE stick and it was working perfectly until today when i was playing it just stopped working. Everything stopped the stick, the ps button, the start button then after a little while it was working again. then it stopped again its really unstable, i connected it to my computer to see if it can pick it up and it didnt, it was disconnecting alot when ever i moved the wire too. please help

You should remember the PS3 version of the TEs wont work on PC unless you have an UHCI USB host (Intel or Via), which means it will appear as connected but wont register inputs.

If the stick connects and disconnects randomly, it seems like the usb cable is somewhat damaged (could be the connector or the internal wiring to the PCB. you can open the stick to check if the cable is still soldered to the PCB.


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Is it possible to cut the USB cable, then re-connect the USB’s five internal wires with a euro terminal strip? My idea is to cut away a chunk of the USB (the unresponsive section) then re-connect the working cables using the terminal strip. Would it work? I’ve never fixed a TE USB cable.

EDIT: Maybe this ?


I dont know what that would do for signal loss but I dont see why you cant connect it to a terminal strip… if the bad part is close enough to the pcb the cleanest way imho would be to just re-solder back to the pcb.