TE Stick USB Cable

Well leaving a friends place after some drunken games I made the mistake of shutting the USB cable in my car door resulting in my USB end getting grinded down to an unusable stub.

Last time I spliced a USB end onto a stick by stripping wire and soldering than using a crapload of tape to guarantee the chord wouldn’t bend. Problem is the connection eventually went bad after a few months of use.

My question to the more tech capable people than me is what would you recommend to fix this situation would be? Haven’t looked at the chord connections but really would prefer a method that doesn’t involve desoldering if possible.

Buy a usb extension cord.
Hack the appropriate end off.
De-solder TE usb cable from pcb.
Solder hacked usb extension cable in it’s place.

Figured as much : / really didn’t want to de-solder. Thanks.

Can use a barrier strip if you don’t want to solder. Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUi7BOmkaUM&lc

But solder is better.

If you’ve got an Xbox 360 TE and the cable is intact from the stick to the break-away connector, the rest of the cord is easily replaceable. Just search for an Xbox 360 breakaway cable or breakaway extension depending on if you want a longer cable of not. If you’ve got a PS3 stick or the breakaway connection is damaged then the posts above have you covered.

I prefer soldering a short USB cable going to a Neutrik USB pass though. Then using on the outside a USB A to B cable. If that external cable breaks again, no bigge, just get another cable and plug it in


Not to highjack the thread (since these questions are potentially relevant to the OP still), but I saw you had installed the NAUSB in your Chun Li TE-S with the Kitty (along with what looked like a space for a Neutrik RJ45) and I was wondering how you were finding the fit. Did you have to cut out the bar behind the cable storage compartment? Does a standard USB cable (without any special neutrik boot, obviously) plug in and still allow the door to close? If you use the USB or any hypothetical RJ45 with a Neutrik boot, do you have any aesthetic or practical issues with not being able to close the cable compartment door?