TE Stick when to replace microswitches and buttons?

Hey guys have had the Original SF4 TE Stick and was wondering around how much time I should change out the Microswitches and Buttons. I know they get some wear and tear and i think ive notice them not be as good lately.

Was wondering what everyone thought?

Thanks in advance!

Maybe swap out your 4P and 4K buttons for L & M or LP & LK (depending on what game you mainly play) and see if there is a difference. Then you will know.

I just use the top 3 and not 3 I play Marvel.

But typically how long do they last? Especially the joystick switches?

I say think about it this way. These are made for arcades, where they are pressed hundreds of thousands of times before they are retired. Same with the sticks. Now I’m not saying wait until it’s falling apart, but I think that for most people these buttons and sticks will last for years before they really need to be replaced.

A long time. Check again in a couple of years.