TE Sticks Amazon Preorder

I’ve read that some people, who pre-ordered from places other than Amazon, have already received their TE sticks. Anyone else order theirs from Amazon? I was wondering if they’ll give us word on the actual date or if they’ll ship and we receive it close to/just after the release date. Thanks.

I’ve been checking my Amazon constantly since it’ts getting closer and closer to release day. I’m starting to feel skeptical that we’ll get it sooner than we’d like. I chose one-day shipping and it still says estimated shipping is February 24th.

Thanks for the quick reply. I chose two day shipping. I just checked the order page and the delivery estimate is February 25th. Just curious as to how soon everyone’s delivery date is. I placed my order on January 17. Don’t know if that applies to the “first come first serve” rule. Thanks again.

Preordered mine 12/16 and it’s estimated to be delivered on 2/25 even though the actual game is coming 2/20, using the same shipping and preordered on the same day. Don’t know what’s going on there.

From what I’ve heard, the date is from the list of street dates amazon has. They think that if they release the stuff earlier than the date that is (likely erroneously) set in the system they will face penalties from capcom or madcatz or whoever.

It may change, or it may not, either way I just hope I get my stick.

I ordered Nov 27th, by the way.

I ordered on Oct 17th, Feb 24th ship date…I have it slated for one-day delivery. Cross my fingers.

Thanks for everyone’s input. Please post when you receive!

I got mine yesterday:wgrin:

Placed my order for the TE stick (X360 version) on 1/5/2009 and chose two-day shipping. Estimated delivery date is 2/25 :sad:

Pics or you’re full of shit.

I preordered mine on 12/30 and have an estimated shipping date (with overnight shipping) of 2/24:tdown: