TE sticks available at Gamestop.com

Seriously, I just ordered mine. Get 'em while they’re hot! I really want to thank Corp for letting me know. Thanks again sir! Much obliged.

Will they ship in July or right away?

wow nice, it says its shipping in 24 hrs

man speaks the truth. hopefully these sticks wont break down on you i they do then madcatz fail

They are shipping right away.

I’ve heard of cosmetic defects and the like, but not of anything breaking. Hmm…

when did gamestop get a new shipment in? Im probably gonna order right now, woot, thanks for letting us know!

Yeah, the TE has been fine.

Just ordered, so happy I’m finally getting a 2nd stick I can’t stop smiling

I want to order but i’m scared i won’t get shit until June, July, or never. :scared:

placeing order, you da man! damn i could really use that extra financial aid check now.

Yeup shipping in 24 hrs. Just ordered mine too. Hopefully get it in a week

for the Availability, it says " Currently Not Available online" . Am i too late?

damn im too late

Wait a day or so and call your local stores. I was just at gamestop yesterday and they had no idea whether they were getting a shipment or not so this is kind of a surprise to everyone. Keep checking online too. I was fortunate enough that Corp was looking out.

dam that was fast

DAmn that was quick. Jumped on there to see if i could order another for a friend after i did my order and its not even listed there anymore.

Wow I missed out!

Your best bet is to be patient. Now that we all know they are making new ones, it’s better to wait than get butt raped over a joystick. Seriously, start looking around on Tuesday, that is the usual day that shit gets streeted anyways. Good luck guys! Sorry you missed out.:dp::p:

i cant seem to find the link to the TE sticks can you post the link…