TE sticks in stock at Gamestop






I was looking for this but ended up finding a 360 one and am going to dual mod it. Thanks for the heads up though.


bah… too late for me…


They will cancel your order. Go read the SF4 sticky up above.


Well that lasted all of 5 minutes. Congrats to anyone who happened to get an order in.


The link still says some stores have them in stock. In the San Jose area it says that great mall has some for 360!!


FFFFFFFFFFF every game stop i went to this morning looked at me pointed to the guy walking out the door and said just sold the last one to that guy. FFFFFFFFFF never going to get a ps3 TE =[

and anyone going to this gamestop for a TE they got a bunch of boxs from the ups in and refused to open them up to see if they had a TE stick.
Pico Town Center
8764 Washington Blvd
Pico Rivera , CA 90660
(562) 222-1800


shiet i just called the store that said got one in my area and it just sold earlier today… she said it was there for about 3 days… freaking crazy…


I just called 4 gamestops within 20 miles and all of them had the same story of just selling the only one they got in.


that was fast, guess all the ebayers bought them all


sigh. i see 3 stores listed for the 360, all 3 sold out


picked up one for 360 in baldwin park, thanks for the tip =oD.


This is fucking ridiculous. Fuck you forever madcatz. What a bunch of crap


However, i do find it interesting how Madcatz with their line of sf4 hardware have managed to turn their image around overnight.

A few months ago we were all sceptical (to put it nicely) and weary of them bringing out these sticks. But look at us now? We find ourselves at their mercy; short of building our own sticks.


Gamestop was teasing me all day. Says it is in stock then goes to a error page when I add it in cart. Great…


Holy shiz a bunch of stores near me have it, but apparently all gone.


Same here, showing in stock, but nothing.


Must be a west coast thing. I haven’t had appear in my store since launch. I’m east coast. I know Chicago has been getting a shit ton lately tho. If you know someone there, give them a holla and offer something hot in exchange for some research and pick up! :clown:


I am on the East Coast in New York. The only areas that seem to be getting them are NYC and New Jersey and one in Buffalo.


I got a TE for Xbox today at a GS in Boston – they’re out there (even on the Least Coast). Be patient my friends, they’re out there or coming soon. I know it’s easy for me to say now that I have one in hand but it took 3 weeks of ridiculous scouting to lay my hands on it.

I’ve got an SE for Xbox w/ Sanwa parts either in the stick or on hand for sale AT COST (not trying to make a profit, just unload it to SRK’ers). Lemme know if you’re serious.