TE Turbo Panel - possible alternative use?


So I’ve got this guy right here (via @SonicImmora):


It’s part of a project TE shell that’ll be powered by a PS360+. So far so good. However, I’m planning on moving the Back button to the normal LP slot to help with plinking, and shifting the set over, so the layout would look like this:

(blank) LK MK HK

Most of my play revolves around Ultra 1, so I could probably drop 3P into the blank spot and relegate 3K to the back panel next to the Start button. However, there will be times that I need to flip to Ultra 2 and it’d be nice to be able to avoid having to hit button config over and over. So here’s what I’m wondering:

Using this:


Going by the guide printed here:


Would it be possible to wire up 3P and 3K to, say, L Stick and R Stick, then use the switch on the turbo panel to manually toggle which one is active?