TE USB holder box removal


I have been unable to find videos or guides on how to fully disassemble a madcatz TE, I believe it is possible to change the sides on them and other smaller sections of the TE but have never been able to figure out how to either remove those or pull off the back panel, if it is even at all possible. On my current stick I ended up just cutting through the inside “box” that holds the usb cable in order to pass an ethernet cord through for my neutrich passthrough jack.
But for future builds I would like it to be less… ghetto on the inside of my stick. Could anyone please help me out on how it is possible to remove it?


I’ve changed my TE panel sides before…
You basically have to unscrew almost all of the screws including the turbo panel…

If I ever have time, I guess I can make a video, but like I said, if you unscrew all, you should be able to piece them out! GL


I think I did all that I could find. I don’t even have a turbo pannel in mine anymore. Maybe they are just hiding in places I don’t even know D=. Maybe I am missing screws from underneath, I don’t remember the last time I tried going in through the bottom of the stick.

Update: Just went in through the bottom and removed the screws around the “box” and can kind of pull the side closer to the middle out, but the side near the edge is not budging. I removed the hex screws in that area on the top side as well. Unsure what to do to pull it out.
Photo => http://i.imgur.com/w5kmeqn.jpg


It’s possible to remove the USB-cable-storage-box cleanly; it’s just held on with a couple of screws.
But while it comes out as one whole chunk, it includes the storage-door and a certain area around it, and the Turbo panel is screwed onto the top of it. So if you’re planning to keep your Turbo panel, you’ll have to figure some other mounting method for it.


Maybe I just am not pulling hard enough D= as you can see in the picture the one I am currently working with I cut out the whole bottom half of the box, the desire is to take it, the door, and the skirting area around it out; cleanly. Did not know about the turbo area part so that will affect future builds for sure… Oh well. The stick I’m working on hasn’t had a turbo panel in years :stuck_out_tongue:


I have two TE cases where the cable box has been removed (and I’m trying to find replacements for them. Sigh). This is definitely doable.

One of the screws on the bottom plate holds the box down. Also, without the cable box, the middle of the case has a bit of give.

I’ll see if I can take pictures of it when I get home.


There are two screws under the “middle” section of the TE, one on the left, the other on the right of the usb cord holder box.


The picture I posted is from the bottom… super crappy quality but have the screws around that area all removed, turbo panal and everything around the topside gone. So guess I just have to tug it strangely hard. Gonna deal with it later after I change some designs for the part I’m trying to cut =.=


Foe Hammer has something for the front of the TEs. It doesn’t look like they remove the box, they just replace the front panel with a custom piece that holds a rj45 pass through.



That is the primary reason I plan on doing so, but I wanted to make it easier to do so because in order to make it that way you would have to feed the cable through the tiny hole in the box (or drill a bigger one) then crimp the rj45 connector onto the other end. THEN connect it to the passthrough jack, and with wanting to use the nutek one it fits uncomfortably with the size pretty much exactly the same width as the hole that would be left if you take the door off. I was more so hoping to make it an easier process but doesn’t seem to be much of a thing.