TE user, talk to me about the LS-32


So I am pretty much a converted Sanwa user but I see some room for improvement. I am a fireball thrower and have a tough time with that square gate. Its mostly in supers where I need to do the motion twice that its inconsistant. Also, it could be a little tighter. I know there are various gates for the JLF. Can anyone compare the circle and Octo? The Octo looks like the better choice at least for diagnals.

Anyway, I also want to compare the LS-32 and LS-56. I believe you can only get an Octo with a 56 right?
If there are any Ken/Ryu players out there I would be curious to see what your experience or advice it with the differnt sticks. I know some say man up to a square but for a fireball thrower I dont see the point.


Octo is better than circle because you know when you’re hitting the corners. Down back is hard to find on a circle.


i did the happ to sanwa convert and i am not happy, the change it too big. the ls-32 on the other hand has a smaller learning curve. it’s spring is stronger and it’s gate is less intrusive.


Square gates are fine for quarter circle characters. You’re not supposed to ride the gate on circular motions, so the shape of the gate is irrelevant.

I personally hate LS32s, but a lot of people love them. You’ll have to try one yourself to really know.


I’ve had a few stock JLFs throughout my time playing on stick and I absolutely hated it, so I picked up an LS-56 along with an octo gate. I prefer square gates to anything, but the LS-56 w/ octo isn’t bad at all as it actually makes the throw shorter. If you feel that you really must use a stick with an octo gate, then the LS-56 is an awesome choice. Having said that, from there I moved onto the LS-40, LS-32, and then finally back to the good ol’ stock JLF.

Obviously it’s all preference, but it goes to show you that if you’re just starting out on a stick, then give it a little bit more time before you try switching anything as you want to build muscle memory. But to answer your question, yes, the LS-56 is the only other JP stick (that I know of) that can use an octo gate. Definitely get it over the JLFs octo if you plan on going that route.


the ls-56 gate will fit on ls55 and ls33


I stand corrected.


Personally i think the 56 octogate is garbage, very notchy and too small. For circular motions its is pretty bad and gets in the way of the motions, the actuator hits each corner and slows you down. Not smooth at all. There is a circle gate for the ls-32 thats not bad, but the JLF octo really is superior for circular motions.


Buy the octo for your JLF in your TE. Once you train your hands to be able to do fireballs without even thinking about it then you might want to switch back to the square since its superior to the octo and circle gates.

Its easier to dragon punch with the square gate. You don’t need to ride the gate to do a fireball either. Also its way easier to block on reaction with the square gate. With the octo gate its very easy to block incorrectly.


I dont like the ls32 because of the pivot issue with the joystick.


I would actually recommend more people to look into jlw sanwa joysticks. its short and with a heavy spring


ls-32 all everyday baby.


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Square gate is best!


i prefer the ls40 over both to be honest. the shorter engage and throw are fabulous! but the again i prefer square gate over both octo and round.


After having tried almost every stick and every gate, I’ve come to the conclusion that the stick choice between the japanese sticks matters very little in comparison to my overall knowledge and practice with the game.

Give Jwong or Daigo a LS32,33,40,55,56 JLF, or JLW, Octo, Round Sqaure They’ll still dominate your ass every time.

Your only hope is to give them a stick with a 2 way restrictor, Then you got a chance.


how old are you?


I agree with rtdzign. I can pick up an LS-32, a JLF, or a Happ Competition and pretty much everything works after a half minute of adjustment, because I’ve gotten used to both American and Japanese sticks. For most games I prefer a JLF, but it’s not crippling being on another stick.

You should probably keep it up with the square gate and JLF for a while longer. Not that it would hurt to try the LS-32 if you’re up for experimenting.


It’s funny but my opinion on this whole gate fiasco is that people need to stfu and just keep playing on square gates. People who switch to octo gates are just impatient.


Truth. Or you could give them Gunmowned’s Bop-It stick. :rofl: