TE ver1 select button not working, how to fix it?

hi, my TE ver1 has some problem long ago, the select button does not work untill maybe 3 months use
i wasn’t too care about it since SF4 doesnot need select button
but until now i am playing kof 13, i need the select button to select iori with fire.

today i opened my TE, try to switch the wire between select and start button.
and now select button works as the start function, and start button has no use.
so i am sure the buttons are all okay, there’s something else wrong, maybe pcb.

is there anyway i can check or fix it??

thank you

PCB should be the last thing you need to check. Check the wiring for the button first. Then the buttons them selves.
More likely at one of the 2 ends you have a connecter loose for the wiring.

A multi-meter here would help as you can easily check the continuity of all the wires present and the button’s continuity when the button is pressed in.

it won’t be wires or buttons
like what i said, when i switch the wires on select and start button
and still start fucntion works but not select funcitons.
so it should be pcb

I am telling you now its not the PCB. The PCB should be the last thing you touch in something like this.

That proves the select from the Main PCB is working fine, its obviously the wiring or the buttons.

What you need to do is confirm the wiring and button is working or not with a continuity test, this is usually done with a Multi-meter but you can also test this with a led and a battery and some length of wire. Your just testing to see if electricity passes though or not. Once you check the wires and buttons, check the button distribution board. The piece all the buttons wired too. After that check the ribbon cable between the button distro board and the main PCB

Order you should check for continuity in each part
[]Buttons and wires FIRST
]Button distro board where the wires are connected to via Quick disconnect. Including the actual connectors on the wires.
[]ribbon cables on button distro board
]contact point from main PCB to the end of the wiring on the other side of button distro board
[*]Last Check the Main PCB
This is how you trouble shoot from the simplest and easiest first, then gradually more deeper as you go down the list. Biggest more major parts should be the last thing you check. A New PCB will do you nothing if the wires to the select button has a break or is loose.

Go confirm this with a multi-meter instead of stabling at the issue in the dark and refusing the advice given to you. You obviously don’t know how to fix this on your own or you would post here. Now that someone offered to show you how to check you refuse there advice?
That is fine, refuse my advice but do not come back crying how your TE is broken then.