TE vs Modded SE


I will be upgrading from my modded Hori fs3, and was wondering if the extra price for a TE was worth it vs a modded SE stick? If i get the SE it would be getting all Sanwa parts. Also I would like to do a dual mod on whichever stick I get. I have a cthulu pcb already for my PS3 in my hori. What other parts would I need to do a dual mod stick?


This thread, and what you want out of it all really comes down to personal preference on which you feel is better suited for you.


I chose modded SE because: 1.) I prefer seimitsu stick. 2.) The inside is basic and provides good space for a dual-system mod. 3.) Cheaper and simple mod.

What I lost was: 1.) Ease of use out of the box (seriously, the SE stock lasted 2 hours with me) 2.) Larger sturdier base, since I’m a lap player, that would have been better. 3.) Compartment that holds the cord, and could house a switch well. 4.) Open space that cleanly houses a cthulu.

Keep those in mind while choosing which to mod.


I’d go for a XBox260 TE, then you can just dual mod it with the Cthulu board you have easily. No need to buy buttons or a stick. The TE has a better case and you can switch the artwork/button layout on it easier then on a SE.

I believe the TE opens up from the top too so you can check out the insides of the stick easier then on an SE which would require you to pull off the artwork or open the bottom of the case.


Question 1: TE or SE?
Think about it this way. If you want a heavier/larger base stick, get the TE. If you want a stick that is about the same weight/hand area as your Hori FS3, get the SE. Other than weight and size, the only advantages the TE has over the SE is the cord compartment and the ability to swap out art easily (if you get a plexi cover). Decide if those extras appeal to you. I have both the SE and the TE and both are nice arcade sticks if you swap out the parts in the SE.

Question 2: What parts do I need to dual mod?
If you already didn’t put the Cthulu in your FS3, I would save it and put it in a whatever fightstick you end up getting. If you are dual modding, it is probably better to get an Xbox 360 stick so you don’t have to hack a 360 pad. Other than the Cthulu, make sure to get an Imp board so you do not need a switch to swap from the 360 to the PS3 and vise versa.

Hope that answers your questions.


also consider that arthong on:

Has more upgrade options for the TE since his experiments with creating acrylic for SE sticks have been less than successful.


i have both modded se and also the te and i perfer the te more. the stick being more bigger and heavier certainly helps.

the se is pretty hefty though for its size.