TE vs SFxT Pro?


Ok so Im wondering if anyone has experience with either of the two sticks and could provide a recomendation as to which would be better? The TE is a round 2 variant. There is only 30 pound difference so the price is not a concern, i am merely looking to get the best stick possible. much appreciated!


There no real difference it terms of performance, both sticks by default are full sanwa, both use the very similar PCBs
The Pro have a added feature of connecting to a 2nd stick to make a larger 2 player joystick with an optional kit sold by Mad Catz’s Website the gameshark store.


I believe you are talking about the V.S. edition. the pro versions dont connect


I am looking to buy the SFxT Pro because the inclined front is more ergonomically designed for a raised surface than my TE is. If you mostly play on a computer desk, then the Pro is for you.


i play on a sofa in front of my xbox?


So you play on your lap? The TE is heavier so that might be the better choice IMO.


yeah on my lap. Thanks very much!