TE works for a few minutes, then doesn't get recognized by xbox

My stick will play fine for a few minutes, then I’ll get the message from the XBOX to Plug a controller in, and obviously, my stick stops responding. Sometimes if I unplug it it will work, sometimes not. I don’t mind fixing it, but I need some advice on where the best place to start would be…I’m thinking it’s nothing internally, but the USB jack itself…or that extra thing that connects to the stick cord (has original xbox>USB short cord thing…) On a possibly related note, however, my 3 year old daughter tried to move it off the couch this morning and dropped it, sounded like it hit pretty hard, but who knows?

What should I look for first?

Try changing the break away dongle. I have a stick with a dodgy dongle that does similar things.

Where do I get a new dongle?

Is not a dongle.

Here is.

jdm. You are some kind of legend. If I had the money I would buy you.

Nah jk, but you are very smart.

And ty to birdman, I’ve got another breakaway somewhere from my SE…just gotta dig it out…

I think I found the problem, I blew out the breakaway and the other end of the cable, and found out that what I hope was toddler saliva was all over the end of the cable coming from the joystick, hopefully drying it out will fix it, if not, the breakaway will be my next step.

jdm, I am seriously in awe with your technical ability, what do you do for a living?

Hope the problem was saliva on your Breakaway too.

I am Tech Talk.
That is what I do to live.

^If you buy this guy, make sure you are willing to have plenty of crimpers for him. He will require many.