TE XBOX Guide Button Questions


I wanna remove the turbo/XBOX guide panel from my TE and cover the hole with artwork and plexi.

Will my stick still function with the guide/sync button disconnected?

Would it be difficult to wire the XBOX guide to like start+back, or a whole new button?

Thanks in advance.


Lol. Without the guide and sync buttons you wont be able to turn it on.


It’s wired and turns on when you turn the XBOX on right? Sync isn’t the right word but it syncs you to ‘Player 1’ ‘Player 2’ you know via the leds. And that’s why I wanna wire it to start+back or a new button so I can still turn it on that way too.


ah right i get ya


you can turn on a 360 just by holding start

back+start simultaneously is the same as guide already I think


Just tested it and it let me turn on my xbox (wireless controller) but I was unable to turn it off using start+select.


sick, but it doesn’t let me pull up friends or messages. anyone know how hard it would be to run the guide to start+back or to a new button?


man i really wanna do this


Running it to a new button should be pretty easy; all of the wires connecting that LED board to the main PCB are labelled. Remove the LED board, remove the ribbon cables connecting it to the main PCB, and solder a wire from the main board labeled ‘XGUIDE’. Run it to a button, with ground going to the other prong of the button.


good info. so is it possible to make start+back act as the guide? that would save me some time and money as i don’t have power tools.