TE1 Fightstick Cord Compartment Warped


Hi Everyone,

Trying to see if anyone has had the same problem with their fightstick’s USB cord compartment warping? Not sure what happened but it’s been like this for a while. Any idea of using something to push it back out? Thanks


Use a flamethrower.
I can barely see the problem anyway. Does the compartment work and does the cord fit in and does the door close?


I am assuming you mean a blow torch and not a flamethrower

This is a flame thrower

This is a blow torch.

Ether way they would burn the plastic.

Heat gun on a low setting or a hairdryer on high would be more appropriate.


The problem is that the door can’t close all the way. It sticks out a bit so I can’t keep it flush against anything. Just a minor annoyance.


Not much I can say, you have to find a way to bend it without it flexing back.
You can use the heat approach, but unless you know what you are doing it’s less than ideal.


I was joking about the flame thrower.
Yes I originally was thinking of “blow torch” but thought of something even more outlandish, as I’ve had too much bad experience with trying to “un-warp” plastic abs by flexing it the other way and having stuff break. Best solution is prevention basically.

Looking at that picture again, I really don’t know how you can reverse that bending, now that I notice it :frowning: