TE1 pcb


So I tried the question thread… no answer so starting a thread. Anyone have advice on rewiring the xbox button on a te pcb to an actual push button? I have all original parts from it just need info on the xbox button since its wired to the little turbo panel. Thanks


Just solder wires to the contacts where the original Home button is, and connect those to a pushbutton.


Well im dealing with confined space dont really need the turbo oanel if i can help it. Want to know if there is an easier way than using the entire panel for one button


Dill a hole for a smaller button somewhere on your stick
I seen people ether stick a small momentary push button on the back or in the cord storage compartment area.


you dont need the turbo panel. just solder the wire from the main pcb to the button. i think the connection is labeled as “Xguid”


I figured out how to use the player LEDs with the directnal on my joystick with my madcatz VS. Stick. how do you get the buttons to light up the turbo LEDs? I’m using a UFB . I have share/select assigned to my turbo button & I have tpad assigned to my select on my stick. I seen Vick gotten it done with a Kitty pcb but I’m wondering how with a UCF pcb


Oh ya , I wish to do this with my other stick which is a TE Round 1


Player Indicator LEDs are easy, Turbo leds? You know the Brooks UFC does not have Turbo.


Just putting a foreign led in the casing of the madcatz turbo panel is what I meant to type earlier. If I ever get my phone fixed, I’ll post pics


I didn’t do anything, it’s part of the kitty lol