Te2 button size/part questions

Hi, I’m looking for the button size for the te2 and some other details.

  1. Wondering if the action buttons are 24mm or 30mm?

  2. Also what size are the start and select buttons for it?

  3. Is it good to get a new button harness and pcb assembly for it given that sometimes my buttons give out wrong inputs? I don’t know if its the pcb assembly or the wiring. For example in KI I don’t use combo assist but a lot of times if i push HK, HK, it will end instead of chaining auto doubles and the end motion is a b f hk input. Also, if I buy multiple harnesses and store them incase they aren’t for sale later will they still last in storage?

  4. Are there certain octogate or springs I should get for the te2? The stick feels loose and I get the clicking good but some inputs aren’t coming out and I’ve already cleaned it twice.


  1. 30mm
  2. 24mm
  3. Unlikely that it’s the harnesses. It’d either be the button microswitch wearing down (less likely), or the PCB being stupid (more likely). Use training mode to show inputs when you’re doing your movement/actions to troubleshoot.
  4. Maybe your JLF PCB has worn microswitches. Spring and gate don’t affect inputs. Plenty of selection of springs at Focus Attack or Paradise Arcade Shop.
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I 100% Agree with FreedomGundam, and just to add

Test with Training Mode of a fighting game first, if you got the option have the button presses being shown turned on so you can see each button pressed as well as the action on the screen.

If you do have a problem and want to probe further:
I suggest getting a multimeter to test if you are uncertain (in a continuity or diode test*), if you don’t have a Multimeter you can wire up a LED light to a battery to do a continuity test. Check any buttons that look problematic, you should get continuity when the button is pressed down, but not when the button isn’t pressed. I also check the wiring. This process will eliminate any causes.

In many multimeters Diode test, you should hear a Beep when there continuity.

If i buy new pcbs and harnesses and just store them in case I can’t buy them later, will they still be good years from now? Not sure how long electronics last even new sealed.

The PCB if properly sealed can last decades.
Only parts that go bad with age are capacitors, which I don’t think there sound me that many if at all.

The question is would the PCB be out of date for what system you want to run it with

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Exactly what Darksakul says.
No point in “stocking up” a replacement PCB when it may or may not work down the line (firmware updates that might block off 3rd-party custom PCBs, or compatibility on newer consoles). As previously mentioned, it’s highly unlikely that your harnesses would degrade in any way until you’re pulling and yanking on them; they’re just wires with special headers so there’s nothing that “wears down” if you leave them plugged in and use them.

No point in spending money to buy a PCB that you’re not going to use. Whatever you’re looking at will be available for years. And if it’s not, there will be an alternative.

ok ty, one last question, how do I know what parts I need for my te2? I looked it up and the options on paradise were saying a lot of things I didn’t understand as classifications.

The real question (before asking what you need) is actually what are you looking to do with your TE2? What kind of changes are you looking for?

I need to get a new pcb, new buttons, gate, and spring.

That doesn’t answer the question actually.

“new PCB, new buttons, gate and spring”
are what you need to buy, not what you want to do with the stick:

new PCB: I’m presuming you have the KI TE2 for XBO, so it’s only compatible with XBO (and PC). What platforms are you looking to use it for?

new buttons: again assuming you have a KI TE2 for XBO, so you currently use Sanwa OBSC-30 main buttons, and Sanwa OBSF-24 aux buttons. Do you not like the feel and want to switch to another brand? Do you not like the look and just want to switch to another color/style?

new gate: you probably have a standard Sanwa JLF. Do you not like the square gate? Square gates are industry standard. Your only other options are circle and octo gates.

new spring: do you find your JLF too loose? If not, then there’s really not any need to change springs. Otherwise, follow the details on the FA or PAS product pages and take a guess as to how much tension you want.


yeah want the concaves, and more pressure required for press.

i want to try an octo, maybe its because my stick is too loose but its hard to feel the diags now

yeah stick is too loose, i want it a lot tighter, i still get all the clicks but its really loose.

If you want original Xbox support, you’ll be going with a Brook Retro Board. You’ll have to decide if you’re going to replace the stock board, or do a dual mod.

There are no concave buttons that’ll fit in 30mm button slots.
The only buttons that are concave are Happ/IL competition buttons, but they are too small (28mm) and too tall to fit into a TE2 casing.

There’s just one or two options for octo gates for JLFs. One is a full plate replacement, one only replaces the center insert. I don’t know what you’re “feeling” now, but it’s technically easier to feel the diagonals on a square gate than on an octogonal gate. Also, as an aside, octogonal gates tend to build the bad habit of riding/grinding the gate a ton.

The stock JLF spring has a tension of 0.9lb grams force. Just get something heavier than that.

well, thanks for the help, Ill try to get it all sorted, if I have any other questions, ill get back to you, appreciate it.

is there any reason paradisearcadeshop isn’t letting me order from there? Every time I go to confirm order it just brings up the same page with the info filled out and another listing for me to fill out the info again.