TE2 Crossbone - Electrical mods made significantly easier for the Madcatz TE2

You win for the name alone, Clayton.

^ Cute name huh? :wink:

when can we get it?!! anytime soon…!! or summer 2014 or fall 2014 plz… give me a date u.u!!!

This isn’t a huge corporation or a industrial firm making these, its one guy in his home making them on evenings and weekends.

I’d bet on sooner rather than later. :wink:

I spent some time on RFQ things last night. Just need to get this setup beta tested when I’m not ultra sick. Expect a release in like May at the latest.

No price ETA, double sided assembly + lots of connectors probably have this match the Crossbone @ $30 though, less in bulk of course. Could swing less, but I’m not quite sure and just err’ing on the side of caution.

Oh yeah - huge nod to MarkMan for the board line name assist. Love it.

I am crimping those ribbon cables by hand though lol.

lol when you said ultra sick, the word ULLTTTRRAAA came in my head hah.
But I do hope you feel better as you bust your butt off!

And I think this would’ve been the best time to have that intern/helper of yours!

I actually feel okay buying a TE2 now. Really didn’t want to get one because of the Xbox One only compatibility but this definitely opens up the door for me. Awesome job @Phreakazoid‌

very very nice phreak! cant wait

hows it looking? almost available?

No, it’ll be a little bit. Should finally get a quote for production today or tomorrow. You will likely see this available early June, maaaaaybe end of May if I can push it.

Sounds great. If you need someone to help test and what not, I am definitely down sir!

Awesome! BTW I’d preorder if the option was available :smiley:

is it weird if I say that this gave me a boner?

I’ve been waiting for this thing for a bit. Glad to hear is getting closer to release.

Yeah it’ll be June, I need to push out one more prototype to test out some new layout/configuration options that I want to explore. Trying to wrap that up tonight and get it out in the wild before EVO so people can prep.

If you need help/testing my te2 is ready!

woo can’t wait!

hope you saw the image I posted above to show you how my body sticks are ready!

edit: I posted it on the other crossbone thread so I’m reposting the pic here lol sorry!
https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2921/14003481287_aef7f0dc94_z.jpgXB1 stick by iamdjflip

Phreakazoid any chance you might add connections to install a 2x10pin header for the Cthulhu in the next prototype? I love the compact install using a ribbon cable with the ps360+ but I need support for retro consoles.