TE2 directional problems


Hey everyone,

I have a problem with my USFIV TE2 stick. When I press down back/ down forward, sometimes the stick will just ignore the down button and walk either forward or backwards. I’m not too sure why. Down seems to register when I press it, so does backwards and forward. But its only when they are pressed together do they cause issues.

I’m trying to figure out what is causing it and I can’t figure it out. I’ve had my stick for about a year and but really never noticed a issue. There would be times when I would be crouch blocking and suddenly i’m getting pounded on, I thought maybe I wasn’t paying attention and they did a overhead or I let go of block. But when I started to play a charge character, the problem became immediately noticeable. I can’t crouch charge without randomly moving backwards. Its very annoying.

Anyhow, I’d appreciate some advice and ideas on what could be causing the issue.

Thanks guys



Open up the microswitches from the top (extremely simple and easy) and spray Deoxit D5 on the contacts.


Did you check if it’s set to DP, and not LS?


I don’t think there is a button like that on my stick. I’m using the 360 version.


If you have a TE2 then you have a switch that selects between the following settings, LS DP and RS.
Set the switch to DP (D-pad mode).


The 360 version doesn’t have that toggle button or a lock switch like the Xbone and PS versions do for some reason.