TE2+ Fault Query Work in PS4 OS stops working in game


Hi Folks,

My TE2+ has succumb to an issue and I can’t find a solution anywhere online.

As the title mentions, my TE2+ does not work in game on PS4 (except for Share & Home Buttons)

I’ve tried this with multiple titles, all of them experiencing the same issue.

So I did some further testing and narrowed the fault to the PS4 thinking that the stick is pressing / holding multiple buttons once the stick transitions from menu to game.

What would be the solution outside sending this back to Madcatz for a return?

Would it be as simple as wiping the flash memory on the board and reinstalling the driver?

If so, can someone assist me with how that would be done for this board?

I’ve been told that there’s a fair few other people that have experienced this fault as well.

Thanks in advance.



I had a similar problem where the TE2+ would have R3 constantly active. There’s a potential solution here TE2+ owners?

I ended up sending it back to madcatz.


Thanks for the response.

I’m not too interested in sending it back to Madcatz as I live in Australia, and it is a huge ass hassle to do that.

I appreciate the link to the thread, I searched for a similar thread before making the post and couldn’t find it. So, many thanks.

Unsure whether to potentially just try and go with the mentioned solution, or buy a Brooks All In One board and go from there.

Nice to know that there’s other people that were previously in the same situation though.


I think you can contact them and ask them to send you a replacement pcb if they have them at their warehouse