TE2 Quad Mod Connectivity Issue


Hey all,

I modded my PS4 TE2 a long while ago to add an MKX pad into the mix. The switching is being done by a DPDT on the Data+/- lines. Initially it was a SPDT on the Data+ and it worked fine, for the most part. However, when playing 2 player local on PS4 at West Coast Warzone, I started having connection issues. Accordingly, I changed the mod over to DPDT in hopes of resolving the issue.

Detailed Issues:
At WCW, in all 3 matches I had issues while using SPDT to switch the Data+.
Match 1: Complete disconnect. Had to unplug then plug back in.
Match 2: Sticking inputs. The stick would hold directions at times.
Match 3: Wouldn’t accept inputs at a couple of points.

After switching to DPDT I just had an issue here at Combobreaker where it completely stopped taking inputs in my last match. PS4 still registered the stick, the lights were all on, but no inputs going in.

So now I have no clue what it could be. If I had to guess, I’d have to guess a faulty TE2 pcb or cable? The inputs of the MKX are board are wired to the TE2 PCB, as are the VCC and GND from the USB cable. The Data+/- are being switched.

The MKX side works just fine. Single player at home on my PS4 works just fine. PS4 mode on my PC at home works just fine.

I am going to buy a new stick because I really just don’t want to risk it with this one anymore but I definitely still want to fix it. I will probably end up redoing the whole mod. Crossing my Ts, dotting my Is, but I can never trust this thing again!

Any ideas?


Maybe just get a brook UFB?


Yeah, just Brook UFB it.


I’d considered that, too. Trying to find the issue here first, though. I’m a problem solver. Isn’t that part of why we’re here! :slight_smile:

If it came down to it, I’d probably do a MKX PS4 padhack to add to my current MKX XBONE padhack in that stick before going UFB. That way I don’t have to update it ever, plus it’s much cheaper. Really trying to avoid that.


Yea the MKX pcb requires diodes for multi-pcb compatibility check the 3rd party pcb thread.


Isn’t that only for a PS4 MKX pad? Mine is 360/XBONE and a PS4 TE2.


Idk why you used a spdt in the first place. Both data lines have to be switched.

Has the ps4 issue (buttons not register ) occurred more than once since then?


Hey man, because it worked for some reason! haha, like I said I’ve only had the issue when running 2 players local. Online and on MKX pad, no problems. So then I moved to switching both lines and it happened once over the weekend. And I haven’t used the stick since, so I couldn’t say if it’s still an issue.

Is there any chance there is a power issue?