TE2+ SFV Disappointment!

Okay so I’ve been playing with and learning the ropes of stick, until yesterday evening a friend wanted to talk online! No problem I thought on PS4 until I realized…there is no way to chat while using a stick?!

I think you have to use bluetooth with that stick.

You have to use a headset like the PS Gold headset in order to chat.

:frowning: that’s disappointing! Especially for a £200 product, have to try and scout out a cheap Bluetooth headset then.

Hardware questions (is this even a question?) go in tech talk, moving.

You don’t need a blue tooth head set. You can use any usb audio adapter and head set you have lying around. I am using a cheap iLuv usb audio adapter (http://www.amazon.com/iLuv-Adapter-Headset-Mic-Compatable-Windows/dp/B007PFZEKY) with the Triton headset I used last gen. Just plug and play.

Just for your information. No third party controller supports the chat option. Only the dual shock 4 does. This is some sort of requirement enforced by Sony.

I don’t think any ps4 stick has a built in audio jack.

Maybe you should research the product you buy before dropping a load of cash on it? What does the price tag have to do with a feature being included or not? There are other things to consider, build quality, support, and so on.

There are no 3rd part controller on the market right now for the PS4 (at the time of writing) that supports headsets.

If you want to use chat, you ether need to look into bluetooth or USB support

The PS4 doesn’t support chat on any controller that’s wired.

Thats Sony’s policies for you

Does SFV even support chat? I’m on PC, and I don’t see any sort of options for it, nor have I heard anyone on the “other side” speaking…

On SFIV I would occasionally here opponents, but I had no way of knowing if they ever heard me. I never got into a conversation with anyone despite trying, so it always seemed like they weren’t hearing me despite all indications showing that I was outputting through my mic.

SFV doesn’t currently support chat.

The latest Madcatz products are trash.

Literally has nothing to do with anything in this thread.

OP, I’d recommend picking up a set of these:


They work solidly, decent battery life, voice chat quality is pretty good for wireless, totally plug and play with PS4. I have a couple sets and pretty much everyone I raid with on Destiny uses these. If you watch for sales, they’ll usually drop to 50-60 bucks every so often.

These work on ps4 as well for half the price