TE2+ stick not recognized by any device


I haven’t used this stick in a while, but it was working last time I used it. I went to plug it in and my PC did not recognize the device. It did not show up in device manager. I tried it on another pc and my ps4, neither device recognized it. From this I assume that the stick has some malfunction…

I cannot find any resources for troubleshooting or support for this stick. I can buy a replacement part if that is what is needed, but would rather troubleshoot to be certain what is wrong.

Does anyone have any resources or advice on how I can fix / repair this? Also where I might obtain a replacement part?

  • OR - barring any ability to repair this, what stick would you recommend that is well supported and serviceable?


Doesn’t work in any mode?
:black_small_square:If it’s not populating at all in dev mgr then you may have a bad usb cable. Measure for 5Vdc @ your usb or 3.5Vdc on your pcb with it plugged into your pc/ps4.
:black_small_square:May have to make your own usb cable if you find out it’s just the cable and can’t order one.
:black_small_square:May have to order a third party pcb or padhack if you can’t measure any voltage on your pcb.


Thank you for tips, I have a voltage meter, I’ll measure that and follow your instructions. If it is usb cable, that is good news because I can easily splice in a new one.


Well what was the issue on this?