Tea Boss Challenge #10

SF4 2v2

1: Team Happy Guys (Ryder & Chaos) ($91.00)
2: Team Uncle Bry (Josh Wong & Julien) ($26.00)
3: Team YO ULLLLLLL (Dynicksty & Frantastic) ($13.00)
4: Team Goonies (Skye & Magneto X)
5: Team We Should Play Marvel (Tom & Felax)
5: Team White Guys (Dizzy & Kattermari)
7: Team H Mart (Pete68 & Philly One)
7: Team Trannies and Stuff (Damian & Comeback)
9: Team Kazi is Super Dynamic (Dave D & JD)
9: Team Double Down Flash Mob (Nagoo & Vinco)
9: Team Close Range (KL Justice & Seven)
9: Team Luke Skywalker (Bryheem & Sir Kanchi)
13: Team Gyrorobo

3s Singles Results

1: Frantastic (Yun, Chun, Ken,)
2: Ryder (Ryu, Akuma, Ken, Hugo)
3: Comeback (Chun)
4: Dave D (Urien)
5: Dr. Chaos aka Tea Boss Legend (Ken)

Great Turnout Thanks everyone for showing the support and coming out to all of these shout outs in the morning.


lol what you doing losing in 3s Chaos :sad:

haha YO ULLLLL made me lol.

Good shit to everyone yesterday. Jersey was in the Building.

But Biggest shout out to Champ Challenge He bodied everyone.

Good seeing everyone sucks this is coming to a end for a while so much talent under one roof.