Tea Boss Challenge #5

1: Santhrax
2: Skye
3: Twisted Jago
4: Philly One
5: Demon Hyo
5: Rick
7: Ryder
7: Dr. Chaos
9: Warrior
9: Pete68
9: KL Justice
9: Julian
13: Darth Arma
13: Kattermari
13: Josh Wong
13: Dave D
17: Shervin
17: Patrick
17: Sage2050
17: Rolento13
17: Ninja Zephyr
17: Outphasen
17: Sir Kanchi
17: Comeback
25: Quarters
25: Spektrum
25: Omega Nitro
25: Rondomheat
25: Phatal NBG
25: Demarcus
25: Kazi
25: Kaizoku Mike

Thank you to everyone that came out and especially to those from out of state. Definitely the best turn out yet in terms of sheer numbers and quality of players. We were recording matches all night and Philly One will have them posted up when he gets the time.

i had a blast, wish i couldve stayed longer though. Hope to make it to another one.
nice to chat with Andre while I was there. And nice seeing everyone else again!

GGS everyone had a blast and its was good seeing everyone again…ill try to come to the next tourney:china:

for the videos… they are still being uploaded due to crazy size of the files lol

search with kangirisung on youtube

but for the later tournaments, we gonna have our own tournament web site which will allow you to see the whole bracket and scores linked to the match videos

Matt is working on it now… may be…

I had fun. Disappointed in my performance but still had fun.

I wonder what you’ve did with the quarter?

shout outs to zack for another great tourny, one for recording, mike for staying on that mic, the out of town people that showed up. and special thanks for sanford for proving why sagat vs rose is 8-2.

That is quite a turn out, holy cow. Nice Zack, nice. One of these days, one of these days. :rolleyes:

still uploading lol lol

When I see this I already know the shoto train failed. Play more Ken :wink:

good seeing everyone that nite!!!

Had a blast as always. Great seeing some of NYC’s finest playing Philly’s finest, and Skye counts as Philly. Kaizoku Mike’s hilarious comments will only get better. Zack’s gonna have to commandeer a roomie’s room for MM or sumthing cuz this is getting big.

we should try to find an actual venue for these if tournouts are gonna keep lookin like this

I’m teaching one of my roommates how to play actually. He just bought a TE and everything so we’ll see what we can do about that.

great tournament definitely the best one yet.

ggs sanford, you were due for your revenge. i guess i finally accept that sagat v honda is fully 7-3.

But I want to be mini K-66 :sad:

Lol hey GJ Sanford…hold it down!



you know what Im gonna do when I see you right?

the later you bring my Disk the more rage I will have

I feel like a huge asshole guys, I forgot to thank the specific people that make this possible every week.

HUGE thanks to Spektrum, Nagoo/Patrick, Dulo bros, Kazi and Philly One for providing the extra equipment needed. Without them these tournaments would not be as successful as they are or for that matter even happen.

That was fun…I’ll do it again!