Tea Boss Challenge #6 results Feb 5th 2009

1st. Dr.Chaos- sagat/akuma/ken

2nd. Julian Robinson- Gief/Balrog/Bison

3rd. Philly-One- Cammy/Ken

4th.Demon Hyo- Sagat/Blanka

MM results after tourney-
Kenny(Reaper)(GU)> Zack (RU)
Zack (RU)> One (CA) (SA)
Chaos(SA)>Julian (BR) (SA)
Hyo(BL)>Chaos (Ken) (Ryu) (Akuma)
Julian (Gief)>Zack (RU)

Wow Dr Chaos using sagat now? And Demon Hyo too, thats different.
Well I guess thats what you gotta do to be the best at any game.
You gotta know all the mathups and counter picks.

Good work, Chaos. Winter brawl coming up, chillin will take it from there. :badboy:


I ran it back on Julian and took my money back :stuck_out_tongue: The real MM of the weekend was my lottery ticket that I bodied for $50.