Tea Boss Challenge #7

1: Dr. Chaos
2: Demon Hyo
3: Kazi
4: Steve H
5: Josh Wong
5: Kattermari
7: Julian
7: Bryheem
9: JD
9: Warrior
9: Joneek
9: Magneto-X
13: Comeback
13: Skye
13: Spektrum
13: Reaper
17: Filly One
17: Sir Kanchi
17: Outphasen
17: Dave D
17: Mono
17: Rondomheat
17: Gief Girl
17: Shervin

First place decided by Tiger Warfare 2 for one game. Good shit to Steve H for comin out.

Steve H?

That big dude?

Damn tell him I miss his rog!!!

GS to all the players except 9th dumb Viper/Abel plaer

What’s up Chris you beat meand Zack at the last Grand Masters and got 9??? wtf???

tiger warfare 2 decided it all ha. One game flip…

much props to kazi for goin crazy wit chef furet! Him vs steve h was hype! Bryheem too sick with his commentating! Warrior took out boss skye wit bison boots! Close match tho… Sick tourney.

Is there a tourney tomo in Philly at up? because if so me/Kevin will come down there pm if so bro.

ya it’s tourney tomorrow at UP

I had Zack when I played him and messed up on a few stuff, he capitalized on me for that. Good shit to him for getting me this time around.:china: I’m going to really try and make it down there tomorrow for the tourney at UP, it might be tough because it was random notice for me and all. If not then I will see you guy’s next Friday night for some games. Zack I want to come over Friday for games next week and try and spend the night over there if you don’t mind, if not I want to play any kind of way before the tourney as much as possible for Winter Brawl.:wgrin:

Good shit to all that came to the tourney, I really love going to those tourneys!!! Brandon(D-Hyo) I’m going to miss you bro, If I don’t see you tomorrow then I will see you before I leave the country at Evo most likely.:wgrin:

Tourney at UP on a Sunday? What time? I actually might be able to make it

super fun tournament even though it was my worst finish yet

good shit to kazi for wrecking me and everyone else, and to warrior for great improvements these past tournaments

great to see VA coming up, hopefully i’ll get to play some games with you guys while you’re here

anyway see you all at UP BYE

EDIT: to clarify, the UP tourney is today (saturday) i believe

Still, what time? I’ll try to make it after work if I can

i believe signups around 2:30, estimated start 4pm

What character does Kazi play?

the hardest working beaner in the business! who else?

Kazi is the white El Fuerte player at the break…the good one.

got that right

no ones fuckin with my 17th place fall back…

Lol, right there with ya man. Thanks for the left over wings btw, so clutch when my stomach was about to go supernova and implode it was so hungry.

This was an amazing tournament, and was really happy to get out there and play. It was great to officially meet Demon Hyo and Spektrum before they go their ways, both are two cool dudes. Also awesome to meet everyone else I became acquainted to, ya’ll gave off a really chill vibe.

Thanks to Kyle and Steve H. for playing some Garou. I was really itching for some solid comp, and you guys gave it to me.

Big thanks to Zack for hosting. You’re right about your place, it is really a weird size, but you make it work, and it fits people better then any other weekly in philly that came before it.

Looking forward to the next one.

PS. Chainsaws for the loss, lol.

can you post the champ mode results? :coffee:

Yo UUUUGH Champ mode is serious. I think everyone lost money.

I know Kazi and I completed it once. When I asked B.Hyo he couldn’t remember who else did. CHAMP MODE lag is serious!!!

Had fun with casuals on this one. TvC is serious, if everyone plays all the characters will have nasty shit. Just gonna practice up more. About to post in the UP thread.