Tea Boss Challenge #8


Someone turned off my computer and didn’t save the bracket but I remember top 5.

SF4 (22 entrants)

  1. Dr. Chaos
  2. Philly One
  3. Ugly Slob
  4. Kazi
  5. Kattermari
  6. Pete68

TvC (7 entrants)

  1. Felix
  2. Sir Kanchi
  3. Dr. Chaos


Dr. gs 2 tournaments back to back.


GGs to everyone I played, especially to Felix!

Yo we need to get more people for TvC. I’m hungry for more competition!


good shit to One making 2nd!


The return of Ollie? Noice.


Lol Ill use my gamehandle next time!



gs to oliver. his viper is too serious :nunchuck: