Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, and other movement shenanigans


I’m sure a lot of you are following this Occupy Wall Street to some degree. I’ve been listening to my share of right wing radio and it’s being played down by the right. Initially it was looked at as just a few pockets and not a big deal, then it was Billionaire John Sorrows pulling puppet strings to orchestrate a calamity. Now it’s turned into just smelly hippies with no sense of what they are protesting and nothing to worry about. It’s all that conservative outlets seem to be discussing and attempting to dumb down as nothing to worry about.

Are they right? Yeah, somewhat. They are looking pretty disorganized as a movement. Of course when they pick the ideal whack jobs to interview that supposedly speak for the whole, then it looks ridiculous. The tea party seems to have established itself but didn’t they get off to this kind of start? It’s not a big deal but it seems to be the to do on all the conservative media outlets as nothing.

The list of demands are laughable but the protest from the legit is admirable. They are being branded as socialist but answer me this: is there one country that is purely capitalist or socialist? Can we consider both forms of governing slippery slopes that can get out of hand? I don’t believe everyone should have equal regardless of effort nor do I believe everyone in this country can be millionaires.

Then there is the Tea Party. Where did they come from? Wasn’t this originally a Ron Paul idea that grew into it’s own thing? Where were they prior to Obama? Yes, I know it’s political. I have no allegiance to any of these people.

Actually, throughout all this and the GOP debates, I saw one thing alone that was inspiring. The GOP candidates are taking their shots at Occupy Wall Street. Herman Cain’s response to the Occupy Wall Street movement was passionate, loud, and angry in response. With a raised voice he told them to take the movement to the white house if they wanted jobs. It was quite refreshing to see for the first time a candidate regardless of political affiliation demonstrate an “angry as hell and not gonna take it anymore” attitude and display it so openly.

What are your thoughts? Is this Occupy “movement” going anywhere? I would say no but then it’s the #1 talking point on conservative radio right now over anything so who knows.


people that make the laws and rules for us they don’t give a fuck about us. you should draw an anarchy symbol on that wall street bull. i would but i don’t live there anymore


Yes, I believe this movement is going nowhere…

They did not occupy Wall Street with a organized well-thought purpose in mind…

“Let’s protest Wall Street cuz dems crooks”…

If a reporter asked them “How do you think Wall Street has stole from the American people?”, I doubt they would be able to answer the question directly or intelligently…

Tea Party seems to just be an offshoot of the Republican Party imo… I can honestly say that most of what they are saying, I’ve heard before…

But at least they have specific goals… less than I can say for this mob of people on Wall Street…


That is what they have painted themselves as. Could it have been a good idea? Definitely. However, in order for it to be worth the time taken to commute to Wall St, they needed a goal or an idea or a motive or *something *to make it look like more than Bonnaroo.

“Grassroots” organizations work, but only if the “grassroots” is paired with the organization. It’s like materia in FFVII. Nigga, using All by itself won’t get you anywhere unless you got Fire paired with it.


Eh, just seems like a group of hipsters/college students/bored people sitting around, complaining about something. I watch the news pretty often, and I’m still not sure on what exactly they want. Maybe I just don’t have the right channels.


I feel this is relevant



I honestly think that the perception of the protesters is being fabricated by the press. I think that the movement will go nowhere but the only difference between these guys and the tea party people is that the people of the tea party has their platform fed to them by well funded interests while most of the people in New York are there of their own accord wishing for change. It would be nice for them to be organized, and the lack of it is why they are being brushed aside so easily but I would take them over some AstroTurf push like the “Green” movement, any day.

The biggest travesty of this entire situation is the fact that all of those people have no voting power since one side is shitting on them and the other side knows that they have no other choice. Voting is waste of time in this country. I only do it to honor all of the Black people who have suffered in the past to ensure that I have the right.


I thought it might be something relevant but then it just looked like a bunch of idiots that probably spend most of their time posting crap on some shitty image board populated by other smelly losers that need to gtfo of their parents basement. 99% of them have prolly worked 1% of their lives.


Who pays for Occupy Wallstreet? Local Small Businesses.


I like how some people were being paid to be at the protest. protesting capitalism by paying people to do it. brilliant!


Both movements are hypocritical and directionless. The Tea Party might have started out as a legitimate libertarian grassroots movement but it quickly got hijacked by Beck/Hannity-following social conservatives who will tout freedom and the Constitution all day long and then turn right around and boo gay servicemen and support the Patriot Act (maybe they need brushing up on their 1st and 4th Amendments). The occupy Wall Street protesters are seemingly angry at the capitalism but what they should be angry about are the disasterous taxpayer-funded corporate welfare policies of this government. I don’t see how pumping billions of dollars of no strings attatched taxpayer money to the executives of failing companies is logically consistent with either a right-wing or left-wing economic perspective…it’s just stupid.


I checked out the protest Saturday night and at the ask a question center I asked what are your demands and what are you trying to accomplish exactly? The guy at the desk said “a complete dismantling of the govt and after a while we realized we’re more powerful if we don’t make any demands”…I didn’t want to be rude because I totally respect their commitment to the movement but I mean seriously?:lol:


they should just legalize weed so this disappears for a few years :smiley:
and the people are easier to arrests


I’m sorta ‘pause’ on all of it. It’s dis-organized. The purpose is…not cohesive enough to get anywhere…

But dammit ten years ago I can’t recall this much stuff about our gov’t being upchucked…I mean it seems like more people are trying to actually push issues (other than abortion). I remember Puffy doing his Vote or Die, and it had alot of people behind it, but in reality it created a bunch of voters who didn’t know what they were voting for, there was no actualy knowledge behind it, it wasn’t informal. I like that more and more people are getting information these days.

Too bad the issues we have reach too deep to just ‘be fixed’.

I laugh at anyone who thought Obama in one term - was going to be able to fix everything. I chuckle at anyone who thinks it can be fixed in two terms. Three terms I shrug. I fully expect a decade of constant reforms before we start steering in the ‘right’ direction.

And Cain gets the shrug from me right now. I’ve read too much stuff of his thats just out of touch with reality…he’s more of the same.

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I think more people are waking up to the realization that shit is not good and a lot of us have been played for saps. Combined with the massive restructuring of public wealth and debt and things have started to fall apart. To make things worse nobody trusts our leaders and has finally realized that they are bought and sold and part of the oligarchy.

The problem is, and why I don’t think that there are particular “demands” is that the laundry list of things that are fucked up is just far too long and the problems are far too deep. There isn’t really a fix that doesn’t require massively overhauling the entire thing from the ground up and those who have been doing well in the system don’t want that.

Obama was never going to fix anything. Obama is just another ivy league crook who hangs out with, is friends with, and received more money from than any other candidate, the same crooks on Wall Street and in business that landed us in this situation. Whoever the GOP nominee is will be an enemy of the middle class, but so is Obama.


When I first heard about the Occupy Wall St shit, I assumed it was mainly rooted in economic discontent, but it seems like it turned into, or maybe always was, just a leftist response to the Tea Party, which is disappointing.


as a leftist, we needed a leftist response to the tea party.
and herman cain…eh…he’s definitely out of touch with reality as are typical members of the right.


give it a few before it gets organized. nothing happens overnight.

at least give it the same time as you guys did when it came to the tea party…

since we’re using ffVII references now, i hope the tea party is just like the midgar zolem. scary sight at first and later on it gets impaled and left in a field somewh-wait, i mean that i hope it gets defeated easily by the party later on.


Seems like people got bold after all the shit went down in the middle east. We got it pretty good around these parts though.


good in comparison? sure. but that’s not good enough to most of us.