Teach a newbie some basics


Hey guys, we were all newbies once, I got alot of time on my hands so I’ll eventually get good.

I played SF2 and MVC1 but that’s about it and I never really got “deep” into them. I have xbox live and this is why I registered here … I think it’s the best site I found and seems like you guys know your stuff.

All I am asking is a few tips or basics or anything that will help me get someone in cvs2 on xbox live. Be nice I registered today :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow your almost to polite :confused: just what are you asking for? Help with how to play the game or this xbox live thing?



I’m reading character forums here and gamefaqs, etc, but one thing that almost every post I’ve seen is the assumption that we know what “cancel into xx” means. Not roll canceling, just a regular combo. Is there something you specifically need to do to cancel a move into something else, or is it just the act of performing the next move in the combo before the first one is finished?

I’m sure that’s a relativly basic question but I haven’t followed fighting games much since SF2 and even then I wasn’t at a competitive level, just a “hey I can beat my local friends on snes so I must be pretty good” stage. I want to improve my game and move up a level or two, and I’m doing what reading I can.


Go here: www.gamefaqs.com

Type in Capcom vs Snk 2, click the faqs for the arcade version.
Then find JChensor’s CvS2 guide. It’s near the bottom of the page if I can recall. Ignore every other faq on there there (totally serious… they’ll hurt more than they help). Just go through James’s. He explains everything, even the most basics of basics, to perfect detail.

After you’ve read that, then come back and ask about anything you still might not understand. Like if you want to learn a certain character or what not.


Wow, awesome FAQ, thanks for the heads up. If that’s linked in a prominent place and I missed it, whoops. If it’s not, it should be because it will clear up any basic question someone could have if they take the time to read through.


:o haha i Mean really what all do u want help wit??/ U want us 2 play 4 u?? I mean u sound like u still tryin to figure out the xbox live thin lol. But if its certain charecters u need help wit den let me know n ill help u n e way i can aight???


Pretty dumb question here, but what does this mean?

I hear people talk about crossover, or crossup? I know Im a idiot, but what does that mean.


Ok, an example of a crossup:

Go into training, set the dummie to block. Jump over him several times. When you pass over him you will notice this small animation of him turning around. Yet there is a slit second where you are on the other side of him and he is still facing the other way. At this point you want to hit them while you are still in the air. They should be blocking for the other way but you will kick them on the other side. That is a crossup. You want to make the jump so you would land just on the other side of the opponent.

If I’m wrong someone please add to this or correct me.


That does demonstrate the circumstances under which a crossup may occur, but the term crossup itself actually refers to the attack made in this window of the opponent facing the wrong way. Most characters have them, some don’t, and depending on who, they can be easy or hard to land. It’s thought that when crossups first originated (early SF game, I forget which :p) that it was an error by Capcom, where they placed the hit boxes for certain jumping attacks slightly behind your character. However, they have since become and integral part of intermediate and advanced play, and can make or break some characters. Just one example of an easy to land crossup is Cammy’s j.lk. Go into training mode and play with the spacing, so that you just barely jump over your opponent, and try to land this crossup, you’ll notice when you’ve gotten it right because the attack will hit the back of your opponent.

I hope that this is what you were looking for, and that you can find it of use.


Great info here guys.

Is there a known list of character’s crossup moves? I’m having trouble figuring out who has them.


Haven’t read the faq yet but isn’t there alot of differences from the arcade and xbox version … like no roll-cancels … wouldn’t this effect the faq ?


What does CC mean ?

c.mp s.mp j.mp … crouch stand jump ?

Also sagat and rock faqs seem to be the only useful ones in there


Most of them are forward (medium) kick. I can’t think of a cross up that involves a punch. Anybody know? So if you’re just playing and don’t know it’ll either be forward or short kick.

In CvS2 CC means custom combo refering to A groove.



Yeah heres just some stuff if your not used to other button configs

c. = crouch
j. = jump
s. = stand
twd. = forward

forward = MK = Medium Kick
RoundHouse = HK
Jab = LP
Strong = MP
Fierce = HP

CC = Custom Combo
RC = Roll Cancel

If your new i also suggest you stick with either C-Groove or N-Groove…there both pretty easy to use

Dont use Ratio 4 characters (just one character) use 3 characters

If your playing cvs2 on console and have no intention playing it in the arcades customise your pad…ie

I have the R Trigger as LP+LK which is roll…you can pull them off easier and i rarely use the R Trigger (MP)

Practice the easier combos to begin with


Link Combos:

2 Hit Link Combos

S.Jab - C.Short
S.Jab - S.Strong
S.Jab - S.Fierce
C.Short x 2
C.Short - S.Strong
C.Short - S.Fierce

3 Hit Link Combos

S.Jab x 3
S.Jab - C.Short - C.Forward
C.Short - S.Jab - C.Forward

4 Hit Link

C.Short x 2 - S.Jab - C.Forward


thanks kenmasters.

I thought mp was useful ? like in jump ins or while crouching doing mp and then a special or super ?

short = lk ?


yeah short = lk sorry forgot that one :slight_smile: mp is useful depending on which character you use…i can get by using 5 buttons instead of 6 easily…i can do more damage using R Trigger as roll than the R Trigger as MP


How about I pick ratio 4 Sagat and punch you until your brains fall out? Yeah, that’s what I thought… you’d best respect the r4 skillz.

R4’s don’t take any chip damage just so you guys know.


kcxj I wish u would try n pick a r4 sagat on me haha. I better b drunk wen u play me and beat me with a r4 sagat. Id dust u so bad haha. :evil:


How can i use evil ryu or shin akuma in arcade version of cvs2?
I mean in arcade not like ps2 or xbox arcade mode…