Teach me a few terms plz

i just joined these forums today, im learning alot from little time being here

but i need some help with certain things

like wtf does kara mean, and XX mean…im picking up alot of new terms and need to figure some crap out before i get into practice not knowing what im gonna do

no flameing on noob for being noob please lol thx

KARA: I’m not sure, but it means that you start a move and before it even hits, or before its animation even ends --> you do someting else.

Example with Gouki: f+Mp --> lp + lk very quicky, that’s a kara-throw; you kara’ed the f+mp into a throw, which enables to throw while moving forward.

Example with Ken, input an d+MK when doing the dragon punch (6,2+mk,3+lp quickly), the MK won’t hit, but Ken will move a little bit forward and perform the shoryu (pretty hard IMO), this is a kara shoryu (helps juggle most characters)

etc. etc. (kara palm, kara demon, kara sommersault, kara uoh etc.)

XX = (super)cancel ??

You should go to the system mechanics thread

ok, another question, wtf is a meatie?

what does ‘iirc’ mean?

it’s used everywhere here.

iirc it means “If I remember correctly”…

aahhhh Thank you.:lovin:

Better yet!


wtf is kara UOH seriously.

press forward go back to neutral press mp + mk. akumas f+mp is cancled to UOH to give the UOH more range. the timing is the same like with his kara throw.

uhh… I don’t think that’s true…

kara UOH is best conveyed with makoto’s hk, try standing hk xx uoh, you’ll notice she jumps a noticeable amount backwards, and the forward movement from the uoh will actually bring her back to the spot she was originally standing.

Or you can compare the range on Oro’s regular UOH to that of his Kara UOH and see a noticeable difference. Characters can kara-cancel a UOH if their MK is kara-cancelable, just press mk slightly before mp.

Probably easiest for Chunners. Just drum mk and mp in that order i.e. kara cancel your mk into a UOH.

>> usually means a combo or link. so srk xx sa3 means do an srk (shoryuken) and cancel it to a super.

kara means something but who cares. Just understand when the term is used. If you’re a noob, then I’m gonna take a very general guess and say that you probably use Ken? so the only kara you have to worry about is a kara shoryuken.

or his impossible kara throw

thanks naz, add u on msn btw.

what does ftw means

for the win

what is a footsie?

Typically low kicks, but really any safe ground pokes can be considered footsies.

“playing footsies” means two characters standing apart a little further than sweep range, doing low kicks at each other in hopes to hit and combo into a super (i.e. ken, chun, elena). Usually what they hope for is for the opponent to do their low kick a little earlier, so it extends their hit box and their low kick will land and they can combo into a super. As pherai said, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a kick (in elena’s case, it is cr. mp), but footsies usually refers to crouching mk’s between chun and chun, ken and chun or ken and ken, most commonly.