Teach me all the useful karas? Not throws

You know, like Makoto’s s.lk kara’d karakusa, or f+mp kara’d raging demon (I can’t do that :P).

I’ve heard of kara-palm with Yun, what button do you use with that? s.mp while in GJ or something?

It’s probly best if you skim through each respective’s character threads to find that information. There’s a lot of good info in the different threads that should help you with your game.

Yeah, I usually do that, but people mention karas without explaining them, like Yun’s kara palm in the GJ thread, because it’s assumed you already know. :confused:

but yeah, I guess you’re right.

the elusive kara palm thread

Akuma: kara Shun Goku Satsu
Alex: backward kara Flash (why backward? It helps you punish throw attempts)
Hugo: kara Clap
Ken: kara SRK
Makoto: kara Karakusa

Hahahaha, well shit, I swear I read that as kara lunge punch for some fucking strange reason. :wtf:

I was like “why would you need to kara that? who cares? :/”

Hahaha, damnit, I’m so retarded.

Don’t forget Kara flip-over-grab.

You can use Kara lunge punch to end Genei-Jin combos sometimes.

I kara Oro’s specials with s.MK sometimes for shits and giggles… although kara’d UOH is nice.

actually kara’d command grab with Oro can be semi useful, It’s a nice unparryable with lots of range, good to use if someone you play is really parry happy.