Teach me how to play SSCyke(Matrix?)


So I’ve kinda decided to stick with this team but I still suck with it. I usually see info here and there about it, mostly it comes up when people are discussing santhrax stuff.

So anyway help me out and post up any good info you might have for this team:
Good opening moves, cross-ups, combos, guard breaks, mix-ups, throw setups, match-ups, resets, etc…

Also should I use Sentinal’s Rocket Punch or Drone’s assist?

As far as why Cyke over Capcom, I like Cyclops on point more than the Captain just in case he gets snapped in. I dont really want to discuss that though so dont bring it up.

Thanks in advance for those that decide to drop some knowledge here:lovin:


i dont know anything except for ur assist question.

rocket punch assist is used primarily with Mag/cable/sent

even with MSS, there is nothing wrong with using drones.

with rocket punch assist mags does the 5 fierce that does tons of damage, unless ur going to be doing the 5 fierce with storm just use drones.

i rememeber reading something along the lines of, " u can use rocket punch assist with row tron becuz cable provides that anti-air." so i think u should just stick to drones.


what i usually do is i take advantage of cyke’s almost invincible assist **

1.When you hit your opponent’s assist

  • almost a free rushdown for storm to the point character
  • hailstorm for assist punish (not always applicable)
  • sent can do sj.hp (this is what i usually do)
  • there’s a lot you can do actually, i just listed what are the common things that i do.
  1. When you hit the point character

    • assist punish (if there is)
    • storm can do sj. LA XX LS DHC HSF(i do this because it’s easier)
    • sent: sj. lk mp FF lk mk RP (this air combo depends on the height of the point character)
    • a setup for sent’s unblockable c.hp (i’m not sure about this)
    • same here. there’s a lot more you can do
  2. When you hit both

    • i don’t know… just mix and match. lol


^ i notcied how u said almost invincible assist.

does that mean u can explain to me what is happening here


its 10 seconds long in slow motion. it shows psylock and cyclops comming out at the same time but psylock beats cyclops


You’re getting a lot of good advice from Radiant93. I’m not too sure I agree with the one about having to fast fly. It’s much easier to just super jump up and sj.lk sj.mp Rocket Punch. If you compare damage in training mode, what I said does a little less, 47 points off Cable rather than the 49 you would get to fast fly. I think it’s pretty automatic to jump up and Rocket Punch, and it’s easy to screw up a fast fly.


Good stuff keep it coming.


the reason i use s.lk sj.mp rp is cuz it pushes the opponent more towards the corner. this is invaluable and extra damage isn’t worth it to me, i’d rather have positioning, the rp causes the flying screen and they are forced to block c.fp on the wakeup, this leaves you on the offensive


what i meant there is that if im not mistaken, cyke’s assist is invincible during it’s first few frames. comes out quickly.

hmm… you’re right. i stand corrected. and yeah, it’s easier that way.


learn to move around shit and learn his one hit kill patterns. Really master mag\cyke and try to rely on that a majority of the time. Storm assist is beefy but if you use it wrong, she can get chunked off. Its something that needs to be mastered before used properly.

and because cyke is your 3rd, don’t slack on him. Practice that mofo.


^This is about Storm Sent Cyke, Mags is not involved. But I should definitly practice up Cyke on point though.


Master the far Gene Splice (f, d, df, f+hp) xx SOB. Input the KK for the SOB immediately after the second hit of the Gene Splice, and it’s pretty much guaranteed to work.

Sometimes you won’t get two “startup” hits, though, so you might end up cancelling into super after only one hit. Once you play around with it, you’ll see what I mean.