Teach Me SF!!!


I want to be a very solid player in sf…Help me become the best by sparing with me…teach me everything!..add my GT!


You live in New York…and you’ve never been to http://shoryuken.com/f19/chinatown-fair-nyc-144887/?

You have alot of NYC players that can show you the ropes.


Since you live in NY you should come to CF to learn and play. Especially with AE out everybody is there playing. You will not find that kind of competition online

Stirke Edit - do what Geese sais


im planning on going to chinatown fair real soon…im hoping i will learn alot when i go there :slight_smile:


ia china town fair noob friendly…im not a complete noob i just drop all my combos


If you are looking for people to play with, try the xbox 360 match making section or local match making. This section is really more meant for asking gameplay questions.

But yeah, take their advice, China town is the place to be in NY, but no it isn’t noob friendly.