Teach me the fundamentals


I have been playing Fighters for awhile on and off but got really into in ssf4. Now i want to improve my skills not so much to be a pro but to be reasonably good. I was hoping someone here who has a ps3 can hop on and teach me everything there is to know in sfxt ( or atleast stuff i can practice and learn).
My psn is xX-ratedx.


Who are your mains?


Fundamentals: Play either, Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Guile or Raven.

Optionals: Ultimate Defence gem…


Its amazing that someone would even ask this claps for u I wished more people would do this instead of complain


I don’t know, there are some characters that I feel like aren’t played with “fundamentals.” Every Heihachi match I’ve seen, for example, has him jumping and looking to land that st. jab > f+mp mix-up. Same with Kazuya. He just does the loldash and gets in for free, then DORYA x 100.

Of course people will say that this isn’t how the game is played, but that’s what I see every time I watch the top players on ssf4evo’s channel. You want fundamentals? Don’t play this game. You want a ton of fun and the coolest roster ever assembled? You got your game. :slight_smile:


Fundamentals mean half as much online. Just warning you.


Fundamentals online don’t mean nearly as much but its still there more than ae


What’s with new players that just go around begging people to teach them? Using the internet, common sense, and hard work, you can start to teach yourself fundamentals. It’s not exactly something that you’ll pick up overnight, but here’s something to get you started:


Now do work.


Thanks for everyone’s feedback but @eltrouble I wasn’t begging and I’m sorry that I want to improve my fighting skill.


At the moment Rolento and Heihachi, but I’m trying Jin and Heihachi.


I’ve been playing SF for maybe 4 years now. And I can tell you that playing someone on here won’t give you fundamentals. You have to make those yourself. Videos, articles, and matches can give you advice on what to work on, but ultimately how you get better is by focusing on one thing and forcing yourself to improve. That one thing could be anti-airs, combos, footsies, not jumping, etcetera.

Good competition can help you pinpoint your weaknesses but then it’s your own responsibility to cover them. And that’s the real hard work.


Nothing wrong with wanting to improve your fighting skill, but you’ll be far more successful if you a) post your handle on the online outlet section, or b) you understand the theory behind what ‘fundamentals’ are, and make a personal effort to learn them on your own.

At least once every few days, somebody asks for personal help and attention, and to be honest, you won’t necessarily get it all the time. It would be more prudent for you to find sources of information, like these forums and the rest of the internets, to learn the basics of fundamental theory on your own, and then you go about practicing it.


And that’s what I am doing using this forum to find information about fundamentals… Why are you fighting me so much about this?


I’m not fighting on you on this. Just letting you know that it’s not going to be so easy finding a coach who’s willing to help you out all the time. So while you’re out looking for a coach, you should also spend some time absorbing knowledge from whatever source you can find, and then apply it in practice, without exterior guidance.


Learn the matchups for everyone character.


Read the links in Kikuichi’s sig. Maj footsie handbook and domination 101.


For character-specific info for Heihachi, I’d strongly recommend Guns1inger’s guide in the Hei forums. Norieaga’s right in that most Hei players jump around trying to cross up or land his overhead chain - this is TERRIBLE play. Hei’s all about slowly winning space using his forward-moving normals and working your way in to start pressure based around safe strings.