Teacher Has Student’s Baby

“Nothing is as important to us as the safety of our students and the District takes this arrest very seriously. We are fully cooperating with police in their investigation of this matter … Our heart goes out to the victim and his family.”

I doubt the 16 year old feels like a victim.

How does a 16 year old male kid hit on a 28 year old teacher?

“Uhhh, hey babe, wanna go make out under the bleachers?”

And we have another one.

Why are these westcoast teachers always down for the count? Fucking “freespirits”. Was she a blonde too?

I wonder how many black/hispanic/asian female teachers do this shit?

Do you know what the absolute, most amazing best part of this is?

16yo is still going to be liable for child support. :wink:

What is hilarious is these dumb broads have unreallistic expectations from grown men, but will spread it for the lame 16 year old who hasn’t done shit

And the dude will pay child support because this chick will no longer teach

this is no laughing matter yet it’s funnier than That’s My Boy.

The age gap here doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the complete lack of professionalism shown by the teacher. She deserves everything coming to her, if you want to fuck a student, just wait until he/she’s legal.

Stories like this don’t even surprise me anymore.

Why was her bond not set at 500,000 like the kid who got arrested for talking shit over League of Legends?

Oh, silly me. I forgot that every man wants sex, regardless of how or with who, as long as it’s an attractive female. Doesn’t matter what the law labels as abusive. It’s a man. He can’t be abused, and if he is, he must like it.

Every man in the world needs to cry out against this. Yes, teenage boys are really horny. So how does that make it any better, or even worse completely excuse it, for a grown adult woman to take advantage of that desire? Since we’re labeling all young males broadly as sex hounds, can we label all middle=aged women as predators also?

Funny, it didn’t sound like safe sex to me.

every fantasy line i ever thought of using in hs on a teacher…i refuse to believe they actually work. like i get that one black dude a few months back…she probably wanted to find out if the myth is true but all these others…i cant understand wtf kinda spit game a hs kid who cant drive past 8pm has.

Last I remember teenage girls are also really horny but they are able to play the victim much much easier in these situations thanks to old public perception.

While I don’t really feel the need to have this woman burned at the stake as an example to all of womankind, I feel like in general people have too “derpy” a response to stories like these.

The woman who’s pushing 30 years of age, or older, who decides to fuck 15-year-old kids, her students, no less, is 100% as crazy as a man who would do the same. As a matter of fact, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say they’re 110% as crazy.

The age difference varies by the story, and people will make excuses for the obviously crazy and wrong adult lady (talk about “rape apologists”, btw), but I think people should really be considering the scumbag factor of the adult, because it exists irrespective of gender- especially considering the pregnancies, which are probably not accidents.

I’d argue males sex drive can almost make us intoxicated and absolved from rational thought. I wouldn’t turn down sex from a attractive older women either but I thought being under 18 meant we can’t make those decisions…guess that only applies if your a women.

Say that to the kid’s face when he gets hit with his first slice of “Baby Momma Drama” pie.

damn she looks fuckable.

lol at all the virgin’s in the thread all mad and salty over some 16 year old getting his squirt on with his teacher.

Teacher getting pregnant by a student? gee whiz that has never happened before…oh wait its the other way around…

this is rare I guess…I think the biggest tragedy is that the other male teachers didnt hit first…or maybe they did but they pulled out in time…hmmm

looks like a job for Mystery Inc.

I bet you that kid got an A in Sex Ed.

What a stupid pair… She’s dumb or desperate and he just couldn’t wait to bang it up. Now he’s “screwed” for life. Instead of banging many ladies in his twenties he’s now going to pay for banging one.