Teacher vs. student. Guess who wins?


Moral of the story: Don’t try to diss your English teacher on paper. You’ll find yourself severely outgunned.



god damn that school must be the HR department for burger king or some shit


That student could be a promising SRK poster.


Who wins? Students in a 8.5/1.5 match up. It is very likely that the teacher could get in trouble. While that’s cool, shit like that you do when you know the kid won’t complain to parents. Otherwise you get in massive trouble. Best shit ever is hearing a kid scream “he can’t legally do that.”



This has been floating around the Internet for a while.

Not news.


If they want to go to court about it, they’ll have to admit to being the author of the letter. On top of that, all the teacher did was correct a bunch of errors and offer some advice…pretty much the biggest part of a teacher’s job. I would think that writing a letter with at least one threat of sexual abuse (there was at least once where the author says "F*** you to the teacher) is going to be looked at a lot more harshly than teachers correcting errors.



Probably a fake. Or this teacher really sucks at their job.

Why wouldn’t you be able to start a sentence with a conjunction?

Writing really isn’t that hard, I think it is poorly taught in schools however.


Calling a kid stupid is a crime now?

Teachers don’t get busted on this sort of thing unless it’s illegal (like sexual harassment) or hateful (like racism).


well…i woudnt be shocked if the kid was in a sped program of some kind. thus ya he’d be hella protected from being called stupid from a teacher.


Doubtful. he (or she) is a senior in English IV according to the paper. Besides, he’d have to admit to writing it. The teacher didn’t call anyone’s name, so they can’t say she attacked anyone in particular. She even tried to offer some advice to keep the situation from repeating itself. I hope the kid will take the advice and concede the fight. Not all lessons are taught in the classroom. He (or she) should be happy for the free “education”. :rofl:



Why the fuck would you ever need to call a kid stupid? Kids are kids. Sometimes they’re good kids, sometimes they’re bad kids, 95% of the time they’re a reflection of their parents. Some we can help in the classroom, others need more help than we can give them.

But calling a kid stupid? That’s ridiculous.


It’s not illegal tho.


In high school they teach this so that kids won’t fuck up and make retarded mistakes. For the same reason why they teach you to never to use “I” in essays that aren’t experiences/argumentative.


He actually didn’t call the kid stupid, but told him advice to prevent the student from “looking stupid.”


The teacher didn’t even directly call the kid stupid. She suggested that proofing “keeps you from looking stupid.” Nothing ridiculous about that.

Shit, FOBio, you must have been writing your post as I was writing mine.


And look where they are at now.
Looking pretty stupid now, isn’t he?



Are you serious? You’re actually saying that its ok for the student to swear at the teacher and look like a complete and utter fool (which enables other students). But the teacher can’t correct him and drive home the point they are a moron for writing that?

At my school you would get expelled for shit like that…


It’ll easily get you fired and probably get the school district sued. Truth of the matter is that there are several things you can do before you directly insult a kid. Kids are kids, kids do dumb kid shit all the damn time. As a teacher, you are expected to behave a level better than a kid. Directly calling a kid stupid doesn’t do anything productive other than make you feel good.

On the other hand, finding a way to make the kid look foolish helps control a classroom.

I’m not saying its ok for kids to insult teachers. That shit is pretty unacceptable (other there are some teachers who deserve to get cussed out). What I am saying, though, is that there are various ways of dealing with that situation, rarely does it involve directly insulting the student. Light embarassment, making the kid look silly and other underhanded tactics work just as well. But outright calling a kid stupid? There’s rarely ever a need to do that.

Mind you, I go hard on kids. I’m a sub, I have to establish some semblance of authority because I actually don’t have any. Rarely does this involve straight calling kids names. All that gets accomplished by calling a kid stupid is losing the respect of a classroom, getting a bunch of teachers mad and getting into a bunch of trouble.

I know you guys are fucking idiots, but thinking that its okay to call a kid stupid? You guys on a whole new level of knuckle dragging.


I wonder how many kids you just insulted here on SRK. :coffee:


I remember when I was in high school and this kid, a senior at the time, confronted a faculty member. He found out quickly that the teacher wasn’t playing around when he had him by the throat against a support beam.

Nothing happened to the teacher. The student quietly finished the year.