Teacher who advises colleagues to avoid affairs with students caught having sex


with 16-year-old boy from her school

Teacher who advises colleagues on how to avoid affairs with students caught having sex with 16-year-old boy from her school | Mail Online

This is probably the first time the kid didnt snitch.


why didn’t this ever happen at my school


holy crap the writing on this is bad, and there are more typos than i’d expect in a professional news organ- oh, the daily mail. nvm.

not saying it’s untrue, just shaking my head at how much i hate that paper.



Why are the teachers in these occurrences NEVER hot or attractive? I mean, if you going to get in trouble with an older woman at least make sure its worth the risk…

Do people just not care as long as its a older woman asking for sex? I guess so.


it’s funny because to me, she looks cutest in orange


^i know there was one blonde teacher that was smoking hot. this one isn’t so bad, by 16 year old standards.

anyway, insert obligatory “nice…”


Most of these teachers who have affairs usually range from average looking to good…

I can’t figure it out for the life of me…

FE-MV | Bad Bad Teacher - Part 5




Let me backtrack that.

Ones that I’ve seen.


plus he is 16! it’s all win


Seriously, I would have smashed quite a few teachers at my school when I was 16. Now? Probably not.


I ask myself this everytime I read a story like this.


I was hoping the teacher was a male on male…Im tired of these Hot female teachers getting it on w/ these punk ass kids!


I guess standards tend to be way lower when you’re young.

That’s gotta be it because she is not attractive.


I’ll say this every time, lol at “victim”.

Plus she’d get it.


it’s funny that she was busted in a place called Loveland! XD


I just remembered during my 10th grade year a popular male teacher got blown by another female teacher during lunch when the students where all out…

and then there’s the teacher who blew his load on a 18 year old junior(11th grade) during saturday school

its all about applying the game, I remember me flirting with a young bus driver imo…she looked about 25-28?


If you are 16 and you have that kind of level of game, only good things can come of it. And maybe a couple of STDs


Yeah I agree. I can’t figure it out either. And yeah some of those teachers would get it.


i’m sure her husband stopped servicing her needs for long durations on end, and being the being that she is, needed to get filled… sad that they got caught this way, because kid wasn’t a snitch.

All goes back to logistics. A lot of people are willing to hook up with each other but may not have the resources to act on their wants. Obviously neither could take each other home because of their respective families, and the cost for hotel rooms would add up and look suspicious. Their next best bet was in a parking lot in the middle of nowhere…

Logistics: when, where, and how?