Teaching an Intermidiate Player A Team I Don't Know About

So, one of my friends decides he is going to get back into Marvel seriously. He asked me to show him some things. But the problem is, I don’t know anything about the team he is picking up. What is that team you ask?


I’ve never seen anyone around here play it at all. So anyone want to give me some tips on what assists, strategy for this team, and anything else? Keep in mind, that the guy I’m teaching can do all of the required Magneto stuff(rom, 5 fierce, resets, etc.), but not so much with Sentinel.

Appreciate the help.

Magneto - http://www.video-opera.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=336

Sentinel - http://www.video-opera.com/features/mvc2/sentinel.php

Cyclops - click on the Magneto link above and scroll down, it’s one of the last posts on the page.

Hopefully that will help your friend get started.

Well, I made myself learn all the top teams JUST so I could teach basics if need be, at the very least,

As long as he knows Mags basics and can use him without psy, then he’s fine to jump back in.

With Sent, with this team, use Rocket Punch assist (A), you CAN combo off it, but mainly your gonna be using it for counter assist when someone calls psy/capcom, since he has the super armor, he can take a hit, and still punish assists. It’s also very good on the damage.

If he doesn’t know a TON about Sent, (I don’t know if he knows basics) then MAKE him practice cr.hp, fly, unfly, repeat until you have it down. This gets him in the mind set of canceling fly really quick, which is good for sent.

Then simple RP XX HSF, St.HP xx RP XX HSF times how ever much. also that he can dash up to launch if he’s near the corner or close to them.

Simple ways to learn Fast Fly are in training, jump in LK HK Jump up LK HK Fast Fly LK HK RP. The timing on this isn’t strict at all, but you still need to fast fly for the last set to hit.

another basic combo to learn FF with is launch, LP LK FF LK HP. Just for learning FF.

As far as Cyke goes, he’s the char I know the least about, but I’m sure everyone knows that SJ.HK has mad priority, and it’s ok run away. St.HP’s are good, I’ve heard people say learn one rep of the infinite and then learn resets. His AAA is to good. I wish I knew more about Cyke. If this was all to basic, forgiveness please, I just gave some basics.

If he knows ROM then he probably knows all that Sent stuff to (unless he was hardcore MSP)

Appreciate the help as always you two.

He’s coming over today to play with me, so I’ll give a better synopsis of what he can do then.

No problem.

Have you checked ComboVideos.com? I think there’s a video tutorial for Sentinel in there.

i use that team.

Let’s see, here’s the rundown on what I taught him and all.

Started out by running mirror matches. I tried to show him how the assists are used in this team. It seems he has a pretty good solo Mag, as that what he was depending on most of the time.

Did that for about an hour, then went into practice mode and showed him how to ROM from Sent-a and Cyke, an easy frame kill DHC to Sent, and some really basic Sent shit(stomp patterns, zoning, easy mode air combos, easy to time unblockable setups). I’m not even going to let him worry about fast flying until he can do the basic crap solidly basically.

After about an hour and a half of that, we ran some more matches to see how he could incorparate all of this in to real time. He did fairly well, and his Sent is coming along. He easily found ways to use the Mags stuff, and is making progress with the Sent stuff I taught him.

His Sent still needs a whole bunch of work though still.

m1x4h, lol you know you should give me some new age shit to teach him haha.

nice easy guardbreak wit magneto / sent drones

sj.rh, addf under, rh into drones, land, launcher or rom (Thanks to ROM vs. Liquid Metal matches)

sentinel mag and sent clops should be the same as you would run on team row and matrix respectively.

the sent unblockable with clops setup is wait for the optic shot to come out. AS SOON AS THE SHOT COMES OUT BEFORE IT HITS, c.hp :slight_smile:

Remember… Magneto sent drones is more deadly than magneto typhoon.

to link mag combos into sentinel drones…

basic shit that doesn’t work, so don’t bother.

c.lk, c.hp, sj, air combo, hg xx temp DHC hsf right before teh temp hits. it will connect. but you have 90% of the HG’s life to mash out.

c.hp, sj, hk, addf, lk, lk, s.hk xx shock dhc HSf. will connect, but risky cuz the shock needs to be cancelled after the first pillar appears, but before the first hit registers.

so, now that we got those two DONT’s out of the way…

safely going from mag to sent? easy???
c.lk, c.hp, sj, hk xx tempest DHC hsf. that works on non biggies.

on biggies, you can do something similar, but near corner only (meaning your magneto has to be in the corner).

always remember that s.hp xx shock xx HSF works on everybody except servbot.

Other easy gimmicks with mag / sent…

c.lk, c.hk call drones, xx sj, add, hk, dash 2x, c.hk… yeah, try that in training mode and tell me if you can tell which way you have to block :slight_smile:

rom, sj addf hk throw BACK into the drone = nice reset.

MIND YOU, that having sent on drones in this team is far better than having him on RP. you have clops for that shit.

As for mag / clops… think of it as psylocke, but instead of c.lk, c.hk rom… sj, hk, addf, lk, lk, rom… it’s literally the same idea.

sentinel drones are anti magneto and storm, clops is anti mag and sentinel. However, for some reason, MSP typically rapes this team… but it’s not cuz of magneto… it’s cuz of a properly timed psylocke will beat both sentinel and cyclops… clops will win if you call psylocke first. if you call psylocke after the first hit of clops, psylocke wins.

Good shit as always. I’ll be teaching him some of this stuff today.

dash with drones. That shit is a moving wall. Its tough to counter sometimes.

mixup series with drones. cheap as fuck. Work this in with mag and clops

get good with cyclops. If they snap cyclops in, you want them to say “damn thats the last time I snap him in.” cyc infinite is kinda rough to land from his anti air setup but learn his ground setup though. If you can get 3 reps, you can get a whole mixup series. He has 100% double jump reset tricks with drones.

with clops build bar with sj rh’s and wait till they call their assist. Then tigerknee kk super and dhc into sent. It’ll do a good bit.

if they want to rush clops down because hes the backbone assist, shoryuken kk super. I dont think ive ever traded or beat it. Dont let the kk super hit. quick dhc into sentinel so the HSF will combo in. Or if cyclops has alot of life and your main 2 need some healing time, go ahead and burn it. You gotta learn how to block though if you want your assist to gain a little life.

If clops gets snaped in early, run around with sj rh’s carefully till you have 2 meters then attack. If you land a big combo you can afford a meter here because you can jump back in the air and charge it back up. If you get rushed down, youll have the shoryuken kk super dhc as your back up plan.

Make cyclops your best person and youll probably win alot more than you should. Ive seen it done too many times. Emphasize blocking and teach him how to guard cancel.

just watch chris play and study his cyclops. optic shot + drones trap FTW.