Teaching and Learning New Recipes - The Training Thread



Might change the thread title if someone comes up with a better title.

After seeing this thread:

I’ve decided to make a similar thread for us. If you’re looking to improve your El Fuerte skills by playing other Fuertes (yes, I know the mirror match is lulzy), want to learn El Fuerte but don’t know where to start, or you’re looking to gather matchup information, this is the thread for you. The overall goal of this thread is to advance El Fuerte’s metagame by overcoming challenges and for our rivals to find our problems so both of us can further improve.

As recommend by Dawg, it doesn’t have to be just 1vs1 so that why it’s more like a dojo than private tutoring. This is probably best when your Fuerte needs assessment.

Please use this format that the Sakura thread uses for putting in your information. Please bold all of these like in the quotes so I don’t have to format each post.

Specific things to learn/work on:
Best Method of contact:
Alt characters:

Here’s mine:


Nice, Kuma.

I’ll put down my info:

Teaching/Learning: Both

PSN/XBL: XBL - Smokey Amp

Strengths: Mix-ups, match-ups


  • Still stiff with new stick, can cost me games.

  • I tend to find myself panicking in block-string pressure sometimes, too, working on that, though.

  • Can’t find a way to implement QBomb that’s comfortable and non-restricting.

  • Elf mirror. :clown:

Specific things to learn/work on: Run stop pressure (a la Spab’s thread), safe jumps.

Availability: Mainly evenings.

Best Method of contact: SRK PM

Alt characters: Cody, Sakura.


Teaching/Learning: Teaching/ helps you learn better =)


Strengths: Run Stop Pressure, option selects, mixups, how to read habits, mental strength, how to manipulate (take all these lightly, I dont wanna make it seem like im a god)

Weaknesses: Get counter hitted alot. certain situations kind of at a blockade.

Specific things to learn/work on: Different ways to put pressure, better baiting, counters to everything

Availability:evenings mostly

Best Method of contact:SRK PM

Alt characters:Ryu, Akuma, Dan

Also if you just want some advice, just hit me up through PM, I’ll gladly answer any questions.


I would be down to teach but I have no mic :frowning:


Teaching/Learning: Both
PSN: Boba-Tapioca
XBL: ColonicSilver
Strengths: Mixups, psychic shit, catching people with ultras
Weaknesses: my wakeup game
Specific things to learn/work on: armor cancel ultra and pressing buttons less
Availability: Usually afternoon or late at night
Best Method of contact: PM via SRK
Alt characters: Sagat, Fei Long


Unfortunately i don’t have xbl right now but i’m willing to help any Fuerte player out via pm. You can ask me stuff in general, or ask me to critique your videos. I don’t claim to be the best Fuerte out there, but I feel like I have a relatively good understanding of the character and thanks to the good comp I play with on a day to day basis, know what it takes to win with Fuerte at a high level.

Teaching/Learning: Teaching

Strengths: Set ups (Ultra, safe jumps etc), being safe with Fuerte, baits, character specific stuff (esp against vanilla arcade chars),

Weaknesses: tend to hold back at times when I should be (according to Chris Hu), ‘going nuts’. being too cautious against top players and second guessing myself.

Specific things to learn/work on: balancing defense and offense during a match and knowing when to switch it up, reading opponents faster.

Availability: Evenings

Best Method of contact: SRK PM

Alt characters: Juri/Akuma


Teaching/Learning: Both


Strengths: RS (& RSF) -pressure and execution , okizeme

Weaknesses: capitalising on all (instead of just some) of my successful baits and punishes , experience , anti airing with cr fierce more often

Specific things to learn/work on: Confidence! and balancing my offence with defense , ex-> Ultra xx , i also have to learn to deal with/catch on to teching throws ugh lol they kill me sometimes … i gotta learn ALL (safe) setups and OS

Availability: Mostly anytime

Best Method of contact: PM / or PSN

Alt characters: a little Rufus


1 v 1 training isn’t very useful unless it’s teaching combo’s and setups against Fuerte.

You would be better both players joining the same endless battle and commenting on each others mistakes/flaws against other characters.


i believe in that man , lets all try and make that happen


Lol why am I posted twice.


Teaching/Learning: BOTH
PSN/XBL: psn=JSPoT0311 / xbl=JSPOT KCSRK
Strengths: pressure, mixups, punishing, baiting
Weaknesses: antiair, throw teching, sometimes find myself to be readable
Specific things to learn/work on: run stops other than rsf… open to suggestion
Availability: most days after 5 - pm me to schedule something
Best Method of contact: PM or FB (jonathan spottswood)
Alt characters: Sagat, Hakan, Akuma


XBL(only one I have): Gtsgunner
Strengths: RSf/mk, Run stop pressure, baiting and oki, os teching
Weaknesses:learning when to change it up, being too offensive, getting stuck in a pattern, anti airing,
Specific things to learn/work on: I want to learn how to safe jump better with Elf and just be safer with Elf in general
Availability:evenings Est
Best Method of contact: xbox live or Shoryuken Pm in that ord
Alt characters: Ken, Sakura, bison


Because shut up. jk I removed the second one.

I didn’t think of that so I updated the OP thanking you for the recommendation.


Anyone up for a training session this Saturday?

I’m going to have an 8 man lobby and each person that comes needs to bring another person along.


i wish i had 360 :frowning:


Now that I think about it, we should set up a weekly practice. 4 Luchadores - 4 Amigos.


Problem for me since you guys are all American. Red bar all day. :frowning:


is there any way to tell if your teacher is good or on equal skill? I’d like to train with someone who is as skilled as me but I’d also like to take on a student to pass down my knowledge.


You can’t tell how good someone is unless you see so for yourself. only you know how good you are.


Well I don’t see a lot of PSN Fuerte’s so I’ll throw my hat in.

Teaching/Learning: Teaching new students / Learning with skilled amigo’s
PSN/XBL: PSN: Sacojericho
Strengths: wakeup game, Cross up’s, Strategies, Gimmicks, RSF, Patiences, having fun
Weaknesses: Run stop mix-up’s/block strings
Specific things to learn/work on: see Weaknesses ^^
Availability: Whenever I’m on or PM me on PSN/SRK
Best Method of contact: PSN/SRK
Alt characters: Viper, Abel