Teaching/Learning new games

I’ve seen a lot of people in random threads saying things like “somebody teach me marvel/vf/st/etc.” I figure it would be nice to consolidate some of the issues into a thread.

If you need a teacher or you feel you have a worthwhile knowledge of a certain game post so here.

I know many people probably think it’s better to just play regularly, but I don’t think that’s always an option(or at least the best one). Especially for something like marvel, I’m not sure how easy it is for new players to jump right in considering how serious the competition is here.

Training mode and forums are great and all, but someone who already knows how to play is best I think.

Here is some 3S stuff from me:


I’d like to learn VF5 and ST.

I would also like more time in the day and my age to be decreased by 10 years.

Well in Marvel, I think it’s relatively easy to jump into if you can manage to not get discouraged while you play. Just take your lumps for a couple months or so and you’ll definitely be on your way. Asking questions is another important factor as well, if there’s something you don’t understand, then talking about it will help out tremendously. Everyone here is nice enough to let you know what’s up.

In my case, when I learn games that are new to me, I just play. I know it doesn’t work for most people but it works out for me pretty well I think. In the beginning, I concentrate on combos first, then strategy because strategy is something that can always change, combos will always be the same.

But anyway, I think this thread is a good idea. This and the constructive criticism thread are a good way for people to improve.

Yeah, I’m trying to get into marvel. Maybe I’ll just hop into the rotations and just get destroyed for a while. See if it helps or something. After practicing for a bit I can at least see what the hell is happening. That’s more then I ever thought I’d get to.

I’m also trying to practice st as well. I probably won’t pick up anything else until I get at least the basics of these two. If gw gets an alpha cabinet I’d love to pick that up.

Someone teach me to not suck at Marvel. Or, at least to suck less. The ST players joke about how I’ve been lying about my gaming aptitude due to my placement at the last tournament, but they’ve got no clue. I’m awful. IceNine level of awful.

Chris, that title will be mine again. You’re not going to be defending it on 7/6, it’ll be a toss up between David and myself. Frank seemed to have made it clear that he’s content with his one point and doesn’t really want to test himself further.

I’ve played ST on 3 occasions now, and it’s a fun game. I’d like to take up claw and ryu as my mains, and use Sagat, Dhalsim, and boxer as my secondary. Problem is, I don’t think anyone in Seattle really plays Sagat or Dhalsim seriously. So I don’t know where to look for info on how to play them. Suggestions?

I kinda play Sagat like Mandel–in the Marvel mold. I try to jump in and do 3 hits before landing, dashing in, and launch+assist. Then I remember that I’m playing ST.

Hahah hey, I like to think I played O.Sagat pretty good against Yosuke at least.

You’re a goddamn riot when you play st mandel. Every time you go for the finish you make it so exaggerated with your hands it’s like your conducting some grand symphony or something.

Hahah thank you thank you, I’m glad you appreciate it. I hella get into ST man, even moreso than Marvel. I remember against Alex, I beat him one round, and I turned to someone (might’ve been you) and pumped my fist in celebration. It was fuckin tight, and normally I’m never hyped off shit that I do.

you were fucking pumped during that match :rofl:

Yosuke may not be back in Seattle area for a while, he will be living in SoCal for 3 months after EVO but I’m sure he will be back and raring to bea… er help people get beater at VF.

There is also Chanchai and his group who play VF and are super dedicated. But that’s portland area, I don’t know exact distances but it might not be convient for seattle players trying to get better at VF.

Damn it VF needs to come out for 360 sooner… PS3 sucks…

That’s tight, by the time he gets back the 360 version will be out and I might actually play it.

I used to play a little Dhalsim, he’s all about mixup with quick drills (jump and hit the button right away) and sh.slide->noogie pressure. I think I’ll play him and Fei Long at Julien’s since people were saying no one plays Fei Long.

Now that I’ve hit the lowest possible ranking, I can only improve at Marvel. I’m actually playing it a lot more at home but who knows when I’ll actually win a match at Zach’s. I think I beat maybe one random guy that showed up once but none of the regulars so far.

Well, if anyone wants to learn VF5 in general, I’ll do my best to help them learn the game. I can’t promise much, just that I would do what I could.

If they had a specific question regarding what they’ve seen happen during their matches, I could probably be more helpful.

I also intend to keep writing VF5 mini articles for the Northwest Players.

And for people in WA, I hope to make more trips up there during the Summer.

Yosuke is only staying 3 weeks in SoCal after Evo, which is still awesome. He’ll be back in Seattle in late September, maybe earlier. Depends on what happens.

Playing Yosuke will force you to improve many aspects of your game. But if you at least understand what’s going on or the general flow of the game. He’ll force you to tighten up your game, but the hardest part will be to go for high reward, but high-risk stuff. And you will have to do that at times.

Until he gets back though, I hope to do my best to do what I can to see the general Northwest scene improve–which includes Seattle and even Vancouver, BC. I’m not saying I’m the best in the area, even after Yosuke, but I think I can help a lot of people get past the early hurdles of the game. Especially simple things like annoying low punches (which is easy to beat), good times to use throws, maximizing damage with a character, flowcharting, etc…

Learning how to play the game with Yosuke as the first person you play, will be tough. It’ll be very difficult to see what you’re doing wrong and well, it will be a challenge for him to really pin down how you should improve (there would be a huge laundry list and he might have trouble knowing where to begin to explain what you could do better).

I think in the meantime, exploring the game with others who are also learning the game helps a lot. I think playing some of the people from the Portland group if/when we come up there could help. We’re not as strong as SoCal, but I could give you some detailed comments on what you could expect from the top contenders in the US as well as Yosuke.

Would just love to see a stronger VF scene. And the more the merrier.


I wanna learn…Vampire Saviors, Mark Of The Wolves, 3s (lil bit), MORE MARVEL! lol

I wanna learn how to beast @ TMNT Tournament Fighters more…oh wait, I already wreck face @ that game.

In all seriousness though. I’d really like to learn (more) of Melty Blood Act Cadenza and Learn (in general) Big Bang Beat. The doujin games are helluh hype. I love em.

But, “main stream” games I want to get a lot better @ ST and CvS2. 3S can wait till I go to Japan…sooner or later. And I just kinda gave up on Marvel along time ago.

The only way I can learn CVS2 if I went to Evo.

Doujin games are fuckin savage.

I’m down to learn pretty much anything, it’s just that the main games we play these days are like Marvel and ST, neither of which are fun enough competitively for me to want to drive that far to play. Marvel I’d like if I could practice on my stick, but I have no dc adaptor or anything. ST is alright but I just don’t have the attention span/appreciation for it to play just ST for long chunks of time. I was hella into 3s and Guilty Gear back in the Lanwerx days, and I was total scrub status at both… now that I know how to play both games, there’s no more comp/places to play (yeah yeah GW)! I’d like to learn any of the crazy air dash happy japanese games like melty blood or arcana heart or something, though.

If you want to learn a game, PLAY IT.

From what I have seen over the years, people get sand in their vaginas because they feel intimidated. I am fearless, so such things do not bother me. A lot of the excuses I hear from marvel are lame: “Magneto’s broken”, “Sentinel’s buff”, and “Cable has a big penis”. The game is so easy to learn and practically every one has the same magic series. A game that combos for you, amazing!

While competition always helps, you can still learn a game on your own. I picked up on KOF all by myself with no other mexicans in sight to play with. There really is no excuse to not learn games that seem interesting to you. I learned marvel on pad, and later on a $10 stick I bought from EB games back in 99. Get a copy of the game, and sit down with it for an hour or two.

Just do it.

Well excuse my sandy vagina…

While I can sort of agree with Pablo (as I posted earlier basically saying the same thing he did) you do need people to play against/help/teach, no doubt. Sometimes you just won’t know what you’re doing wrong, for example Doom’s unblockable sweep in Marvel. You most likely wouldn’t know it’s unblockable unless someone told you beforehand (whether in person or on the internet). Besides all that, not everyone is good enough to learn a game properly on their own.

Anyway, I wouldn’t suggest you try to learn Marvel from me Gray Fox. I’m a bad teacher I think hahah.

Whatever. Nigga stop it. You were the one that taught me fast fly. So ummm…Your not a bad teacher…Just very patient about things. I guess.