Teaching My Girl To Play SSF4

So… While watching evo this year my girl was inspired to learn how to play. Actually it was more along the lines of her watching the womens invitational and saying I could do that. Long story short, she has been bugging me to teach her how to play.

I have started her out on my TE with an octo gate, I know mistake, but I am going to change it back to the square to help teach her execution.

So I am posting this to get some tips on how to approach teaching someone that has not played fighting games before. I think I have some basic concepts, but I am willing to take some advice.

Here is what I know so far.
1: PATIENCE. I know that it can get frustrating teaching someone, especially when I was that person many many years ago.

2: Start slow: The basics are SO important. Basic Movement, special and super moves etc.

3: Repititon: I am trying to practice with her for at least an hour a day and have her doing moves from both sides of the screen.

If anyone else has input on this I am definitely open to it. Hopefully this will all pay off and if there is a womens event at evo next year she’ll make there.

after you teach her the basics, the best way for her to learn is to play against you, friends, and even online sometimes.

don’t hold back (she will probably get mad at you for beating her so bad).

Posting pictures of her on SRK will help her execution and mind games, so I’d do that.

Funny. I started teaching my girl a lil bit ago and shes addicted now. I’d say just push basics on her, teach her moves that everyone has (Focus, jump kick to sweep kick combos,throws, stuff like that) so she can just play with anybody and let her figure out who she wants to main. I’d recommend a RYu/Ken/Sakura due to the simplicity of the moves and the amount of other players who fight similarly. Its really just time, patience, and repitition, same with anybody else tryin to pick up the game, girl or guy. Good luck dude, and make sure you keep it fun. Shes gonna be garbage for a bit so dont let that get to you. Lots of encouragement will keep her from putting it down.

Lol… I’ll keep that in mind

you lucky sob’s. My girl wont even look @ street fighter :rofl:

You must have a really nice kitchen to be able to fit a TV and a video game console in it, not to mention the arcade sticks.

I’ve gotten my girl and my friend’s girl to play a little, they mash their little feminine hearts out.

Yeah… its pretty nice…

That is the one problem. All the Street Fighter training cuts into the time that sandwiches can be made.

I lol’ed.

quoted for truth.

Just remember that she’s not into as much as you are no matter how much you think she is. Sometimes she just might not feel like practicing (it’s not fun). Don’t force her.


teach her how to use the joy stick in several motion up and down, side to side

I find that internet boasting is a last ditch technique used by weak players.

Do not teach her this technique.

Get used to your friends telling you “Oh so she’s riding on your joystick”

The original poster was dead serious about his post, but that didn’t stop 70% of the comments from being comedy. Was funny.

Anyways, if you wan’t her to appreciate fighting games, please please please don’t take her to a tournament just yet. Seriously, theres nothing but unkempt kids who don’t shower or keep themselves neat, and I’m positive she won’t be attracted to that.

Try to make the game fun for her. For instance, you could make certain characters about the game seem interesting (Hakan uses oil for his silky skin, Rufus is your typical fat american slimeball, Ken is the boyfriend of Barbie, Balrog is really Mike Tyson, M.Bison is Adolf HItler, Sakura is typical school girl, etc girls like those kind of analogies). Show her how fun the game can be when just looking at the characters alone, and then help her find somebody she likes playing with. She might not like Akuma because he’s a pretty demonic character, but she might absolutely LOVE sakura, because I’m sure she can relate to a schoolgirl.

Also, it might be a good idea to customize a TE for her, one with artwork and colors that she likes. It’ll make her feel more a part of the gaming thing, if she has her own custom stick.

let her do the first 10 trial of every character and play against the cpu to know who she’d like to use
once she choose her main teach her basic and let her play freely she will not became a pro but at least she can enjoy the game

I definitely don’t recommend this. The second she gets good, she’s gonna admit to you that she’s a dude.