Teaching my wife to play

I took my wife to evo this year and she had such a good time that she wants to really try to learn to play SF4. The only games she really plays are the Sims. DS games. And WoW/Guild Wars.

Where do I start? Special moves? Normals? Which character?


Probably should explain how to do the button inputs as a start. Might sound silly but when I was new I didn’t even know how to do a Shoryuken, lol. Maybe mechanics like Focus Attacks after that.

Shouldn’t you just let her pick whoever she thinks looks cool?

Tell her to pick whoever she wants. Then teach her the bare basics.

Back to block, and before you consider anything else on wakeup, block. Walking is probably better than jumping most of the time. How to do specials, super, ultra. Most moves are FOR something, try to use them for what they’re for first before trying other stuff. Don’t back out and run away if it looks like you’re winning, keep the steady momentum going. Stuff like that.

After a certain point make giving you head her penalty for losing. Motivating for her, fun for you. It’s a can’t lose proposition.