Team A CvS2 Selection

Mr. Valle has told me to post what needs to be posted. Apparently there is a 3s invitational this weekend at Family Fun. I couldnt seem to find any information on this, so ill post it here. Alex wants to have either a single elim or round robin tournament this Sunday at Family Fun for CvS2. This tournament will determine the 3rd spot for the Southern California CvS2 team.

Team CvS2
Alex Valle
Peter Rosas
Winner of tournament on 7/18


Actually i talked to everyone that is participating in the round robin selection for the last spot in CVS2 Team. Including Valle.

It is agreed by everyone that the last weekend before EVO (25th) would be ideal for the tournament.

The people in it are as follows: Amir, Edma,ZuggZugg, Cole, and Pikadoken.

This gives sometime for everyone to get a little practice time for it. I know all these guys would really like a shot at being part of the team, so practice up people.


ps. Yi, I was going to come to you with this earlier but saw this post. PM me on here or AIM (AfroCole)

WTF? I wanna get in on this…

:smiley: ‘g’

i wanna be able to compete for the last spot too…Is there anyway i can try?

Bitch practice Marvel and try and get in on that!

damn sin, where have you been?

Yo put me down I return to cali that week.

Im down for another shot at Sin, and foranother evo level match with EDMA.

Cole and Zugg as always you know Im going to bust out the turtling to its fullest so look forward to fighting that Cali rushdown.


P.S is this open to me seeing im now hawaii again seeing its a pac south team?

Is it possible for anyone to join the tournament or just those players?

I’d like to join the tourney just for the hell of it even if i don’t have a chance to compete for the spot =)

Yeah, I may be down there too. I wouldn’t mind stopping by for a shot at the team. If anything, I could donate to the pot. Or, is this a no entry fee thing? Is this going to be done on console like Evo or at the arcade? Anyway, holla if it’s coo to join.

Tell Zugg that he should really pay my homie back for paying for a stick he NEVER received but was promised on multiple occassions. It’s not cool to jack ppl. Especially showing up to Evo after stealing dude’s money. I won’t be surprised if some shady action is taken. I mean, Shady begets shady. He should pay up or pass the stick. My homie’s been more than lenient. Now, something’s going to be done. Zugg should be the one to be a man about it and correct his mistake instead of forcing others to break laws for compensation. That shit is wack. Using the SF scene to steal from players?

Yes, I’ve talked to him about it multiple times. It isn’t like my homie didn’t try to be civilized. Zugg just cold robbed him. Weaksauce. Let’s try and grow up here.


OOOK =) Lets keep the personal drama off this thread aight? You got beef take it to the person. Anyway, Valle will be posting the final peeps that will be in this round robin. Sorry to the guys that want to mob it, but its not a free for all. It is going to be a very small round robin agaisnt certain heads. Might be one more person added from the peeps I already mentioned but not much more than that.

So lets all just be patient and wait for team Captain Valle to speak.


Hey bro, I ain’t got no beef. I just figured I’d throw it out there since I’ve already tried talking to him personally. I’m just trying to keep things civil. Sometimes folks don’t stop being shady unless their shit is brought to light. In actuality, I have nothing to do with their shit. I just don’t want any dumb shit going down ruining Evo for some peeps.

Anyway, I’m sure Alex will pick some dope peeps:)


i want in on this im ready to beast…you think im playing then ask my brother…you still don’t believe then ask my mother…

Team A for So Cal CvS2?, Is there a Team B?

is there a team B, lol… bitch, you cant beat sagat yet, how you gonna fight bison then akuma…??? LOL@kenny… hahaha


Yeah, you’re the only member BITCH!

Sup everyone…sorry for the late response…

The CVS2 3rd spot qualifiers tournament will be round robin/invite only this Sunday coinciding with the 3s FF tourney.

Good luck to:
Sin,Zugg,Pigadoken,Afrocole,EdMa,Hung,Amir,Evil Elvis

Round robin rules:


-A tie will result in a 1 game playoff

-Any corruption (judged by Peter and myself) will result in disqualification, and winner is next place scorer.

any questions please PM or AIM me

alex v.

whoa, you forgot potter the otter… =[

I might not be able to make it back on time on Sunday. I will be up in S.F. for the weekend but I will try to get back at a reasonable time on Sun. Say 5 or so. I already bought my ticket though so if I can’t change it and make it back in time, then I will call Yi and let him know.

So for my replacement, I nominate Watson since I hear he’s been playing well lately. Other guys could be Viscant or ShadyK but it’d be really short notice and hard for them to come up I’m guessing even if they still do play. Which like most of the people nominated don’t even do anymore. I’ve been practicing a lot the last couple of days though. Hehe. Anyway, I figured I’d give you the heads up. Thanks for the chance to qualify though. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Is Gee-O still playing?