Team A vs Team B...

seeing as this is general strategy and we are here to help with just that i figured id make a thread about teams and their counters. i originally was just gonna ask about combofiend vs clockwork but since i dont see any other team threads other than the tier one i might as well make this.

first up:

combofiend vs clockwork… speak on it!!!

Generally a bad matchup for combofiend imo…

Iron man assist has a hard time stuffing out doom. Depending on whether you pick Rocket punch or drones…all your assists get eaten up by doom.

Mags can land a hit on sent at match start and really hurt the team in these situations.

  1. 2x snap and kill doom, Guard break strider and unmashable or go for the HGxxMT

  2. Catching a mistake from sent, and snapping strider in (alot easier to guard break strider than doom, and id rather fight sent/doom than strider/sent with combofiend)

  3. Kill the whole team in one hit XD

What you really have to watch for, is a really safe, smart sent. You can outplay sent/doom with combofiend obviously, but a smart sent is gonna give you alot of trouble getting in. Drones help, but not so much as an instant anti-air would.

The real trouble is gonna come after sent leaves, and strider has 2-3 bars. At this point, combofiend is a bad team to have, considering your Guard cancel options are the same as anyone else, but your chances to hit strider after a GC with magnus or Iron man are not really too hot. Chances are good a smart strider will slowly chip you and eventually force a mistake. The only way to avoid this is really stop sent at match start, or take full advantage of combofiends 1 hit team kill.

I will say that teleporting strider can get caught by Iron Mans AAA if he isnt super slick. Other than that, I just feel like mags is in a much better position with the ability to storm DHC, and the ability to call psy. On the other hand, a well played sent who knows how to Guard Cancel can give strider alot of trouble, even without capcom.


hey xero, didn’t we play @ FR?

if you wanna call it playing :lol: i do want a rematch though my execution was hella off due to me not having my stick the week before but i do wanna play you again with my execution up. :lovin:

awww come on as many people come through this section no one has anymore knowledge to kick or any other teams to throw up?

Chun/Sent/Psy vs. Mag/Storm/Psy

mags gets beat by chuns, down + RH
mags jump + psy AD/F gets beat by chuns, down + RH
mags s.lp goes over s.chuns head and mags eats

All 3 of these scenarios lead to Chun not potentially, but literally winning the match without even needing godlike execution. 2 reps of upper shom, 2 reps of lower shom, DP+KxxQCF+PP…guard break storm into DHC…then you got Sent/Psy/Chun vs. Quarter life storm/psy, if you miss the wake up unblock beam. If you dont, then its not even worth playing the rest of the match.

the only counter opener option would be

chun guesses mags s.lp and goes, mags anything but s.lp beats chuns
mags guesses chuns and goes s.lp, chun lands and hypothesis blocks

so there is a
1/5 mags hits chun with rom, with godlike execution kills whole team
1/5 mags stops chun and she must hypothesis block or blind call psy
3/5 chun hits mags and without godlike execution kills mags, and uses a free corner GB to DHC to win the match, storm/sent style.


would round start to j d+hk, psy beat mag to everything, 'cept a standing block? would the stun be enough to hold mags to allow chun to land and follow with shom? could possibly replace j with a sj but you would loose the ability to call psy until you air dash.

mags j.RH loses to chun, that makes chun 4/6 on suggested openers, psy gets called with no action and its double snap time.

clock vs combo is probably going to boil down to matchup strategy. Who knows more about what works vs each other.

Clock is going to have an upper hand on positioning and assist layering. Doom snuffs out sent and IM from the right ranges so as a strider player, you want to stay in those ranges to win constantly. Zoning with drones helps because it will force a reaction from mag\im. They’ll either dodge it in which case strider can take advantage or if they call their drones to cancel it out, strider can do bomb+orbs, teleport and get 50%+ on the opponents sentinel. Personally, I play strider all up in your grill. I like staying close so I can always counter with d+fp because it just has too much priority.

this is retarded because there’s only 1 person who knows how to properly play strider/doom so the matchup for him is prolly gonna be way different than how you guys perceive it

and why are you talking about chun when 95% of the people here cant even contribute to that discussion

Your first comment is kinda warranted to the player, yeah. I totally agree.

I was also wondering the same as your 2nd comment as Chun wasn’t even in the picture but Clockwork & Combofiend. I dunno what the structure of this thread is supposed to be though. Come in and post ideas on how a match-up of your choice could go? Or discuss match-ups that Xero introduce? There are way too many to approach it like this…

wait this is a troll post, right? you can’t honestly believe this is a decent matchup for chun

lol. All i mentioned was the opener. Which chun has an advantage with. Both people have 1 hit kill off opener. So the real question is, do you know what you are talking about?

Your comment on only one person knowing how to properly play clockwork makes me think not.

how does chun have the advantage? chun goes low, mag can go low, trijump, or dash over psylocke. if chun jumps, mag can s. lp [or possibly j. lk?] even if chun wins, how does that LITERALLY lead to winning the match? if mag goes s. lp, he probably wont even call psylocke so at best, you either get a snapback or a free combo. even if you happen to get an assist kill, i still dont see chun/sent/psylocke as a free win vs storm/mag.

ive seen people play strider and all of them are shit garbage compared to clock. everyone else is just a shitty xcopy

combofiend vs clock isnt too bad, even after playing clock himself, i still did pretty well, most of the matches boiled down to his doom or sent against my mag/im and he reacted off of all my fuck ups. Its all about experience with that team, IM has some good tools to fight strider, for instance s.fp with IM eats orbs and goes through the little machines themselves and hit strider, just mess around with Ironmans normals instead of projectiles.

no disrespect, but didnt you get bodied pretty hard by clock? i think the score was like 5-0 at one point until clock started messing around…

i guess i didnt explain too well. i originally was gonna make this a combofiend vs clockwork thread to ask for advice but i rather made it into this thread where anyone can throw up team matchups and get advice froms others on how to play against said team to learn what works and what doesnt instead of making individual threads for each matchup taking up web space.

im messing with combofiend and have a hard time fighting clockwork, more so strider doom so i came for advice. i didnt know about iron mans s.hp did that to strider but i know it works with spiral. the brain dead solution to taking care of this matchup would be snap in doom but that wont always be the case and i want to know how else i can fight this team other than getting chipped away before i can attack.

I think combo vs clock comes down to first matchup. If sentinel/doom wins vs mag then i’d say the matchup has to at least go 4 outta 5 for clockwork. BUT if your magneto wins the sent/doom matchup then i’d say clockwork should lose 3 outta 5, maybe even 4 outta 5 just because once combo gets a hit in shit goes to hell in a hand basket.

I dont see how posting shit just bashin folks does any good y. I understand how you might feel about chun, and I agree with you just off pure reality…like I mean thusfar i’ve never been raped off one hit by chun li, so until that day I get to do the most risky stuff with mag/psy and reap larger benefits than chun. I think many people matchup with magneto better than with sentinel though. I just feel like chun loses to sentinel/xxx 100%, and that makes me view her as just lesser of a chara ;; shruggs ;;

im curious to see how feel people feel about storm/sent/cyke vs msp, its a fucking toss up imo (as always dependent upon player skill)

Here is another vs team.

Matrix vs. Cable/Sentinel/Doom

This can be somewhat difficult on both sides. It is also hard to say what team counters who. For this match, it is probably better to start out Storm than Sent. A good Cable is going to lockdown Sentinel where he can’t move. And flying is useless, because Cable can superjump and bullet Sentinel. This is only advised if Cable has no meter. But ther is no way Sent can stop Cable/Doom from building meter. Storm has a better change of catching Cable, and not being trapped. she has a LAs that can get around holes in Cable Doom traps. She can also run better than Cable. If Cable is caught without meter(which is unlikely with this team), then she can typhoon into a hail Storm. Her typhoons will stuff a Doom assist, and hail storm will punish accordinly. Cylclops will also power through Dooms assist, and you can also bait a hyper beat from Cable. Eventually Cable will be annoyed at his Doom assist being punished, and eventually try to blast kill Cyclops. Baiting Cyclops is risky, but it will change Cable/Doom strategy because Doom is essential for this team. Storm should never snap out Doom unless you are confident you can you can catch Doom coming in. Doom can zone well, and DHC Sent in which is a whole new set of problems for you. When Cable dies, This is much more difiicult with Sent/Doom in the mix. Storm should hail Storm into Sentinel with hopes that she can catch both of them, and possible kill Doom. With Doom out of the picture, Cyclops can stop Sent from flying, and Storm can rushdown, and possibly DHC Sentinel.

If you must fight with Sent if you have Matrix, keep in mind that Storm can stop doom’s assit. But you have to be careful if Cable has meter because he can punish Storm. If you get Cable in the corner, don’t let him breath. It is very hard to catch Cable with Sentinel as it is, but with Doom out there, it’s even worse. An air plasma hyperdrive, into hailstorm works wonders, but only if you catch Cable slipping, and you won’t find many good Cables like this. Matrix definitely has to wear this team down, and this match is a battle of wits. Cylcops counters Doom, but Cylcops can be punished. This match will be all about meter building, runaway, and DHCs. There is also a lot of chipping here. Not an exciting matchup, but very mental.

Cable/Sent/Doom will be enough to stop rushdown, which is what is needed for Matrix to have an early advantage.

Matrix vs. MSP.

MSP is a random team, so it really depends on the first hit.   I would personally start Sentinel first.   Magneto can't murder Sent that quickly, and you have a much better chance of getting away from him.  I think MSP has to be very cautious against this team for one reason, Cyclops.

Cyclops will stop rush ins. If you know someone will trijump, dash back, and Cylcops, and then do any combo you like from there. MSP poor defense really shows because Mag can’t take a Cylcops, sj, fastfly combos from Sent too long. But then again this relies on Matrix ability to block well, or recongnize mixups.

Storm is good to start off with as well, if Mag starts with a low short, her low jab will stop it, and you can combo a BNB or even try to reset from it. If any team can get Mags out of the picture quickly it is Sent/Storm, and Cyclops makes things even worse.

Even if you can take out Storm, then you have Sent/Cylcops to worry about. I would think it is hard to catch Sentinel especially if he is flying high, with Cyclops protecing him. Also calling Psylocke is risking, because if you count call Cylcops, you can damage her a lot. If Mags try to save her, Sent can just unfly and block. I think this team has all of the right ability to zone MSP, IMHO.

I don’t believe this matchup benefits Matrix, but it slows down MSP a lot. And randomness is definitely what MSP needs to win. Also on another not, snapping in Cyclops does no good. If Cyclops is not guard broken (which is likely), then he can run from Mags, zone him with s.FPs, gene splice, and SOB, MOB DHCs, etc. Cyclops isn’t tops, but he ain’t no bitch either.

Matrix may have a slight tactical advantage here, but don’t count out MSP randomness. Skill of the player is definitely a factor here.