Team advice



Hey guys, I’m new to the forums and to the competitive fighting community, I’m looking to start improving my skills after meeting a friend who’s heavily involved in the community. So my current team that I’m using is Vergil/Ammy/Zero, and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on how well this team works together and how I can get some good use out of assists. Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.


try Zero / Vergil (rapid slash) / Ammy (cold star)


Those are the assists I’m currently using, Cold star seems to be a good one but I could be wrong.


Also, currently I’m opening with Vergil and using him to build a bit of meter before swapping to Zero and using Ammy for assists, should I change my strategy or does this seem like a good setup?


Vergil should be second, he’s a meter user not builder. Zero is better first because he doesn’t need meter to stay safe or do damage like Vergil does.


I say roll with Amaterau on point. She has the tools to take care of more or less any character you come up against so there is no real “bad matchups” against her. She also has arguably the best ground game in the bunch, her frame advantages mixed with and standing M that travels 2/3 across the screen is just a recipe for disaster. Fireworks takes care of all the major AA and non-assisted rush issues if you turtle, and the glive stance literally puts you in a position to wave around the screen with all forward charging command attacks. Think of using her as a combo starter (assist free her bnbs average around 450k) and then TAC into either a level three or a triple DHC in which you can figure out ways to finagle a touch of death depending on your team load out. This is just my opinion, and everybody finds their own way to the pot of gold, regardless I hope I was able to help point you in… some sort of direction at least haha.

Good luck fellow Amaterasu player!


Vergil rapid slash assist is pretty good for extending zero combos. Also, because zero doesnt use ground or wallbounce you can always DHC into full sword loops if you’re not feeling your LLs.