Team Advice


CvS2 is looking a lot more interesting than it did five months ago (thanky Japan), so I’m looking to refine my teams to be a little more competitive. I have a handful of characters I’m good with, and I’m wondering which characters I should continue to practice with and which ones I should pick up.

Grooves are kind of important, since it’s the one thing all characters in the team share. So I’ll seperate each groove and give each character that I frequently play in that groove.

C-Groove: Sagat, Eagle, Yamazaki, Geese, Todo
Sagat and Eagle are my top characters; I’ve played them the most. I’m kind of stuck for a third character though.

A-Groove: Eagle, Rolento
I’ve been trying to pick up Sakura, but it isn’t going well. I also need work on Rolento’s CC. Eagle, again, is my best. Overall, I’m not that good with A-Groove.

N-Groove: Sagat, Eagle, Todo, Maki, Yamazaki, Geese, Rock, Rolento, Guile
I play everyone in N-Groove; it’s my favorite. I think my best team is Rolento, Eagle, Sagat2. N-Groove hasn’t been too popular lately though.

As for grooves not mentioned, I’m open to any suggestions for characters to try in those grooves.


Try C/K Groove Cammy/Sagat/Blanka, or maybe A-Groove Sakura/Bison/Blanka!!! Those teams are good???


i’d recommend C-chun li because her level 2, lightning legs (2 hits), and then either standing fierce/ crouching lp, crouching mp, into level 1, hurts like hell, around 9000. and a very solid character overall, arguably top tier.

C-guile is an excellent battery, so something like C-guile/eagle/R2 sagat would be solid also (one of my teams).

A-blanka is a very good battery or anchor, who builds meter quick and can be played very simply. bison and hibiki are also very good, because they both have so many options once they get a full bar.

N-groove blanka is REALLY good, i’d recommend learning him.


Dunno if she interests you much, but C-Morrigan is a pretty reckoning force to handle. She builds up your meter fast in this version.

Also, if you decide to try K-groove, she, Todo, and Eagle are lethal together. Give the R2 to Eagle, since he is one of your better characters. Morrigan’s too weak to be anthing above 2, and Todo requires a degree of balance before making him higher than a 1. I don’t play him myself, but one of my friends has a good Todo.

One final note: for your third char, you should try Morrigan. She can be played kinda like Sagat, builds meter quick, and if in a groove other than C, her fly mode can serve as a very confusing mindgame to opponents.



or A, or P…durdurdur


K-Morrigan, Todo, Eagle2? That sounds very interesting. I’ve been wondering about Chun Li and Guile, so I’ll give them a try. I’d really like to avoid Blanka, but in A-Groove he seems like my best bet.

Thanks for the advice!


i wouldn’t even waste your time playing morrigan in a non-run groove. and if you are going to play her in a run groove, N is HANDS DOWN the best one. read buktooth’s morrigan guide if you’re really serious.


Yeah, the problem with Morrigan is that she has a low health bar, so if you take too much damage, u r done before raged. Another thing she loses is RC command grab. Beside that K-Morrigan is a good choice if u can JD and trick-run well :smiley:

For C-Groove >> Sagat (1) Eagle (1) Yamazaki (2)
=> Sagat doesn’t really need much meter and can build it fast, Eagle works really well in C esp. with some meter, Yama R2 is killer in C, a real bastard if u know some tricks (RC sand kick, roll-throw-shit, all those beautiful lvl.2-cancels …)


Actually, if you know how to use her Dash properly, A Groove Morrigan is pretty solid. Her CC is multi-purpose, easy as fuck, and hurts like a bitch, her only drawback is lacking a good guardcrush CC.

But if you’re being competitve, you should worry about Morrigan anyway, not unless you’ve stuck with her as long as Buktooth has.